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    Marquette Tickets

    Have 2 extra tickets for the Marquette game/SEC -Big East doubleheader. No scalping here; face value or negotiable. Section 106, row M, Seats 9-10. e-mail me @ if interested.
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    Pair of UT-UGA Tickets for Sale

    Thanks to everybody. Sold tickets to first e-mail - fryeman. Go Vols.
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    Pair of UT-UGA Tickets for Sale

    Tickets are behind the student section - goal nearest the UT bench. Perry
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    Pair of UT-UGA Tickets for Sale

    My guests had to cancel at the last minute. Sec 129 Row 19 seats 3-4. $30 for pair.
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    Commitment for 2009 Class

    Coach Raleigh's WCU connections look to help the BaseVols down the road. The Mountaineer Publishing Company
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    best prospects?

    What are we talking about? Pro prospects? Who is rated high amongst the newcomers? PP
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    Check Out This Article on New Gator Coach...

    This story has taken on a new life. Florida has issued a rebuttal to the article on the GatorZone (UF's official ath site) : Gator Baseball News @ Unf'nbelievable. Take it for what all of it is worth. Either way it is a PR nightmare for UF baseball. Perry
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    Check Out This Article on New Gator Coach...

    Kevin O'Sullivan. New UF coach, Buchholtz coach have rocky start - NEWS - Take it for what it's worth. Perry
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    There may

    I guess we'll know tomorrow. Wouldn't it be nice if that worked out? I understand that new walk-on Trey Burstrom is a real keeper. One of his former Chatt State coaches raves about him, comparing him favorably with another Chatt State product - Andy Simunic. Time will tell. The fall...
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    More vols gone

    Thanks, Jason. Been a rough year. I don't know where McClain went. I'll see if I can find out. With all the anticipation/excitement over football and then basketball, I've got to make sure someone is pumping up the BaseVOLS! Perry
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    More vols gone

    The only other guys that would have been returning that aren't - besides McClain - are Scott Dean (backup C from Knoxville) and Ryan Butner (P from Florida). Only losing 3 players at this point is about par for the course. College baseball yearly roster attrition is sometimes mindboggling. BTW...
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    SEC Scores Wed., March 28

    Home team = BOLD UGA 17 Furman 1 Morehead State - UK PPD to be made up 4/18 Miss State 11 Memphis 9 Vanderbilt 14 MTSU 2
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    SEC Scores Tues., March 27

    Home team = BOLD Auburn 5 Mercer 1 Florida 5 Bethune-Cookman 3 LSU 6 New Orleans 3 Miss State 9 Memphis 8 USC 10 Elon 6 UT - Tn Tech PPD Ole Miss 6 Southern Miss 5 (Jackson) Oral Roberts 5 Arkansas 3
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    Tenn Tech Game

    tonight was PPD after heavy rains hit. Vols held a 3-2 lead after 4, but couldn't get the extra inning in to make it final. Arkansas comes calling Friday night. Schmidt vs. Adkins.
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    SEC Scores and Standings - Sun., March 25

    Travel considerations. Flights have to be caught, etc. This won't happen if you bus in on a road trip, but when you fly... Typically in this situation, there is an agreement between schools that an inning won't start after a certain time based upon the visiting team's scheduled departure...
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    Beating UGA ---->

    First of all, it never gets old. Secondly, do you realize that we pulled a complete sweep of the 'Dawgs this year. Football, basketball, and now baseball. That's pretty special - even for the small Mike-type crowd. Go BaseVOLS!
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    SEC Scores and Standings - Sun., March 25

    Home team = BOLD UT 11 UGA 5 (UT Sweep) USC 8 Miss State 3 (USC 2-1) LSU 9 UK 9 Tie - Travel Considerations (UK 2-0-1) Florida 10 Auburn 3 (UF Sweep) Arkansas 8 Vanderbilt 3 (Arky 2-1) Ole Miss 15 Alabama 9 (OM 2-1) SEC East USC 4-2 UT 4-2 UF 4-2 UK 3-2-1 UGA 3-3 VU 3-3 SEC West...
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    SEC Scores & Standings. Sat. March 24

    Caught me::)) Knew it was extra innings, but just put 10 'cause I couldn't remember how many it was. My bad. Exactly right - any road series win is B-I-G.
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    Who would you rather have?

    Not to be a smart donkey - but why choose? I'd rather have them both, which we do. Both of these guys can play. I guess I see what you're saying - as far as versitility goes - but Yan is damn good. He's right out of that Javi Herrera, Dennis Gomez, AM Suarez, JP Arencibia mold - a tough gritty...
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    SEC Scores & Standings. Sat. March 24

    Home team = Bold UT 10 UGA 2 Ole Miss 3 Alabama 2 (11 inn) Vandy 6 Arkansas 3 Florida 12 Auburn 9 Miss State 6 USC 5 (10 inn) Kentucky 6 LSU 5 SEC EAST UGA 3-2 UT 3-2 VU 3-2 USC 3-2 UK 3-2 UF 3-2 SEC Least, er..WEST Arkansas 3-2 Alabama 3-2 Miss State 3-2 Ole Miss 2-3 LSU 1-4 Auburn 0-5

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