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    Lawson’s staff has been hired

    Agree, and the first three years were HW’s best with those she inherited. Things went downhill and stayed.
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    New Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread, politics free version.

    And with some states process not properly attributing to Covid even when positive and COD consistent.
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    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    I’d sacrifice even playing this strange season if it meant we could keep those we want while adding those three.
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson

    The most TN luck thing (after Jones/Lawrence and timing of USC/Kiffin)) is so many QBs with ties next year.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2020-21

    I do not buy the argument to give her a few more years to recruit top five talent. New coaches, particularly at formerly elite programs with pros like Candace, have a window to sell where they are headed. After, it becomes what you have done there. She needs to be heavily involved with at...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2020-21

    What do you mean by competition? We need to be on that list of nine. Not all of them are the elite programs.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Do you say this because we do not have contact tracing capacity like most developed countries?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I’d choose another argument. The fact is most developed countries have better population adjusted results than the US. Better testing, contact tracing and willingness to wear masks are the common characteristics.
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    Jordan Walker Welcome

    Neither work. The hope would be that Horsten improves. This kid was consistent both years at a lower level and doesn’t shoot free throws very well for a guard. I agree that neither should shoot more than a hundred unless they are in the upper thirties in makes.
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    AAU thread

    I like the one year add. But her shooting percentages are not good from anywhere. Looks like she will take the shots anyway based on pointS per game.
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    Jordan Walker Welcome

    Good news. This is more logical and likely helpful than our recent move and takes pressure off the challenging process of trying to make Horsten into a PG.
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    It's official Kara Lawson hired

    I suspect Duke fans would be pleased that she is making tough calls to not fill up her roster with meh talent. It’s the right thing for everyone.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Article today about a 37 year old Veteran from OH that actively posted not doing a mask, blah, blah early in pandemic. Died July 7 of Covid. Friends are warning others. Is 37 “young”?
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    Kara Lawson can continue as UT Trustee

    Of course the last sentence is true. But your examples are uniformed at best in a couple of cases. By the way, compared to some other SEC programs, we are underrepresented at the head coach level which is what she pointed out in the board meeting, not on the six o’clock news. That is a fact...
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    2022 Recruits

    When SC, Lou, Stanford, UConn offer with legit offers, the rankings are secondary. But, it is rare that great talent isn’t identified before JR year.
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    '21 TN OL William Parker

    Smith is soooo long and athletic, he’s a tackle according to most.
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    It's official Kara Lawson hired

    Fair enough. Add Fudd to the 21 class and I’m confident :).
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    '21 TN OL William Parker

    Isn’t he generally seen as a G?
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    It's official Kara Lawson hired

    Thanks for the response. I’d agree she has filled some holes with contributors. And I like Burrell from a talent standpoint perhaps even more than Horsten. I do not see it with Key at all. I would concede that in the first class and maybe the second, you have to settle for what you can...
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    It's official Kara Lawson hired

    Glad you are optimistic while seeing opportunity for improvement. Not sure I follow the no off season drama considering two transfers including one that was among your top three in talent combined with the Brown article. More important though is the top 4 recruiting class while helpful is...

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