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    Tennessee's "newest adopted grandpa"

    Met him on the set of "Our House" with a young Shannon Doherty. I was in high school at the time visiting colleges in California. There were lots of people and he spent time with everyone, very nice guy. He also has a huge twitter following, very funny. There was a post a couple of weeks ago...
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    Was surfing on the Iowa forum and

    Used to see Tom Myslinksi and Dale Carter (separately) at the Lap/Library quite often back in 90-91 timeframe. Tom was huge, really stood out.
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    Add Furman to the list of baseball casualties.

    Here's a list of sports cancellations I found on another website ( all cuts have happened in the last few weeks. Program cuts: 2020 NCAA Division I Akron (17). Men: cross country, golf; Women: tennis. Bowling Green (17). Men: baseball. Cincinnati (18). Men: soccer. FIU (16)...
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    Vol retro logo madness

    My favorite hat has #6 (all orange) on the front and #1 on the back.
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    Lindsey Nelson Stadium

    Google images of UVA’s Davenport Field at Disharoon Park. One of the best in the country.
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    Kobe Bryant dead

    My all-time favorite nba player. To me, Kobe was the Lakers...RIP Mamba.
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    Witten To The Giants?

    Not sure about the Giants- he would be a backup behind Engram. Would he accept that? Engram does seem to have injury issues though...
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    Return of the TVA

    Maybe...used to see him at The Lap in '90-'91 quite a bit.
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    Some annoying things I've noticed in last couple of years (football)...

    Not sure where to post this, feel free to move... I've watched football for a loooong time, but in the last few years I've noticed some really stupid (in my opinion) things: 1. "Get Back" coaches- you mean to tell me that coaches need babysitters to keep them on the sidelines? They make...
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    Beautiful site!

    Never really thought about it, but it does seem like painting it all white then filling it in does make sense. Makes sure everything is square, measured correctly, etc.
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    Two Hoosiers are named “Peyton.”

    As someone who grew up in Indiana, there are a TON of Peyton's now living there, all born in the early 2000's. Also, there are a TON of Vol fans in Indiana, lots of people living there now either grew up in Tennessee, have relatives in Tennessee or vacation in Tennessee.
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    Beautiful site!

    Cool photos- I never realized they painted the endzones all white, then filled in the with orange to make the checkerboard pattern.
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    Al Brown on Campus

    Always liked Al Brown...attended his basketball camps growing up in Muncie, IN when he was the Ball State men's coach back in early/mid 80's. Didn't know where he went after Tennessee but glad to hear he's back.
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    Addazio to Colorado State, no Butch

    Colorado State hires Addazio as head coach
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    Most Hated Teams Outside The SEC?

    Virginia Tech- live in Charlottesville, have learned to hate the Hokies Clemson- just tired of hearing about them (maybe jealous?) Oregon- ooh, they have fancy uniforms...not really. Ohio State- same reason I hate Florida Oklahoma State- never liked Mike Gundy, not a real orange Michigan State-...
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    Michelle Marciniak- Sheex?

    Just happened upon a commercial and saw "Michelle Marciniak- former WNBA player" speaking on some product called "Sheex". Not even sure what the product was but noticed she was listed as the founder. Sorry if I'm late to the party, I hadn't seen it before...
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    Who do you want in a bowl?

    Selfishly...UVA in the Belk Bowl
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    Corey Vareen Drops Out of XFL

    I'm at the point in my life where a job isn't all about the salary, but it's also the benefits- health insurance, retirement, etc. If a guy plays football for 3 months, gets paid $55K max, he is still going to have to do something the other 9 months. It's hard to find a 9 month full-time job...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Tenn- 13 GA- 59 Yards Allowed- 524
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    UGA fans threaten to checker Neyland

    Like Georgia or hate Georgia, the light show they had in their stadium Saturday night was pretty awesome. That’s something that will attract recruits and adds excitement.

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