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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Not really, but I read and can write., and it is bet.....not better. I guess you we’re not considered an English wiz
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    No doubt.....have you noticed how U.S. numbers are approx 1/4 of all cases. anybody that believes this is silly. We test.....China is covering up. Think Brazil or India doesn’t have more cases. Media spin..... read where village of 15000 in Italy was quarantined, half the population had it...
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

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    Inside look at RB depth

    It wound be interesting to see Q Crouch running behind a healthy offensive line for a couple of series in an early season game. He is a beast
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    Jauan's Catch Against Georgia...

    I watch it everyday before I go to work.........just to start the day with some "ole mo"
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    1998 Arkansas Fumble...

    Yeah, everybody had walked outta the room and given up. Then I brought all back with a yell.....".everybody knew we could do it then" Smoke'm if you got'em
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    Was surfing on the Iowa forum and

    Iowa does recruit many linemen outa Illinois. And produce NFL ...especially TEs and OLs
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    1989 UCLA game

    Met Coach Hobby at Duke. Then he went to Clemson and won a natty with Coach Brooks.
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    Borzello (ESPN) has us #11 in his "too early" top 25

    I do think he will test the waters. Love to see Mac Mclung step in
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    ESPN: The best college comebacks we ever saw (Miracle at South Bend)

    Thank the Lord, Lou Holtz quit running the "Bus" , Jerome Bettis.
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    For TN to get to elite status !

    Someone posted the “star status” on current and past All American teams, and most were ”3 stars”. Sorry can’t remember who did it. But I do believe ”3 stars” and “4stars” trumped ”5 stars” reaching AA status and successful pro status.
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    Anyone think Pons will really officially declare for the draft

    Prolly end up playing in Europe because he wants to. Somebody told me he was married...? That would affect a lot. Where does the little lady want to live ? Hope the “French connection” sticks around
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    Gil Brandt: Trey Smith could have been top OL in 2020 draft

    Bob Johnson first pick of Cincinnati bengals, offensive center, university of Tennessee. First pick of the franchise ! 1968 ? How bout them apples
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    '20 TN ATH Chayce Bishop (Tennessee PWO commit)

    He wants to be a Vol. gotta love it
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    Players Leaving

    You ain’t a baller if you worry about the spectators. Winning takes care of a lot. Coach did a good job with what she had. This year’s team played like Rhett Butler , you know, “frankly some didn’t give a damn”. Coach Kellie gonna get it done.
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    looks like Jazmine is leaving

    Next man up
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    '21 FL QB Tyler Beasley

    any kin to Terry Beasley ? ex Auburn WR, dude could fly he was Pat Sullivan's favorite target. Kinda favors him
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    Bernard King's first college game. Who remembers? Where were you?

    anybody remember UT beating UK in Lexington and John Ward's call about "Grunfeld shooting King's free throws" and the fans were flipping out. Ward was playing it to the "T". King had gotten fouled but Grunfeld shot the free throws and John Ward was acting like a pro wrestling announcer. He...
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    Bernard King's first college game. Who remembers? Where were you?

    listened to the game, he would have scored more, but he fouled out with plenty of time on the clock. He made it look too easy he was so quick and explosive
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    Auburn bans student for Vescovi comment

    Dude sounded like Sam Kinison , when he was playing a college professor asking Rodney Dangerfield questions in History class. Wonder his major ?. A future Bama politician. Bet he had bangs and parted his hair on the side

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