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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    This has probably already been asked, but after the past few transfers how many recruits can we sign in February?
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    Yes, it is, soon we'll be able to tell time by where the roller coaster is at that moment.
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    *****[LIVE] 2020 Early Signing Day Thread, updated as the commits sign

    I took it as he had already signed it before coming on stage.
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    Senior Bowl

    What Tennessee players are playing in the Senior bowl in January?
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    November in the past

    So glad we didn't have to wait any longer to own November. Way to go Vols!!
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    Love anything the way Henry T loves Tennessee football

    Is anyone else having trouble with videos? They don't seem to play smooth, just stop and go, making them hard to watch.
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    Any complaints?

    This might be the first game in a long time where people are going to have trouble finding something to complain about. It was a great game from the players, the coaches, the team and the fans. Keep it up Vols!!
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    I hope they aren't satisfied, I want them hungry the rest of the season. This game was fun to watch.
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    Hey Kirby

    He looks scared
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    The Official Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Now that's what Tennessee football should look like. Looks like we got a team.
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    November in the past

    I remember when November games were automatic wins for Tennessee. We never had to worry about winning those 4 games every year. I can't wait to get back to that feeling again.
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    Future with Pruitt recruits

    I can't wait to see what the Vols can do with a few classes of Pruitt recruits. I am loving his players
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Chattanooga Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Apparently the defense has decided if coach won't pull JG the they will.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Georgia State Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, ESPNU

    Just wondering where I can find a roster to download. Thanks
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    I need Volnation's help

    Polls are closed. Ethan won. Thanks for all the votes Volnation.
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    I need Volnation's help

    Polls are closed. Ethan won. Thanks for all the votes.
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    I need Volnation's help

    My son has been nominated for Athlete of the week in South Alabama. He pitched lights out vs. Auburn High School on Friday, eliminating them from State Playoffs. They were the defending state champs. Please vote in the poll for him. Ethan Webber -- Baker High School...
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    I need Volnation's help

    Ethan in behind now. Please vote!!
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    I need Volnation's help

    only up by 300. HELP!!!!

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