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  1. Orange Swagger

    GA tight end Miles Campbell has committed to Tennessee

    Congrats young man, welcome aboard. GBO BOOM
  2. Orange Swagger

    4-star Maryland OLB Aaron Willis has committed to Tennessee

    Congrats young man welcome aboard.
  3. Orange Swagger

    '22 TX QB Quinn Ewers

    It would be nice to stack Bailey then Ewers, that would alter our projections for years to come.
  4. Orange Swagger

    Witten To The Raiders

    I hope Witten has a couple of great years for the Raiders and rides off into the sunset injury free.
  5. Orange Swagger

    Vol workouts

    To the detriment of all the player, especially first and second year guys.
  6. Orange Swagger

    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    What if Coach Cut had a Martin and a Manning?
  7. Orange Swagger

    A Theory about JG

    He is a head job and can not get past the off timing in his head. It’s time to move on.
  8. Orange Swagger

    *****2020 National Signing Day Thread

    Welcome to the Big Orange nation, good luck young man.
  9. Orange Swagger

    Joe Osovet named Vols’ tight ends coach

    This a very strong move to get Osovet on the field caching and moving Coach Needs to LB coach. Hats off to Coach Pruitt.
  10. Orange Swagger

    '20 AL ATH Damarcus "Dee" Beckwith (Tennessee signee)

    Oh hell yeah. Lets boom it until its not bootable.
  11. Orange Swagger

    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Kind of Old School my self, twenty seven years in the Coast Guard ya hove to man up. Lots of respect to your Dad.
  12. Orange Swagger

    Eric Gray for Heisman?

    But it gives Harrison Bailey the time to establish his self as the starter.
  13. Orange Swagger

    '21 GA QB Brock Vandagriff (uga commit)

    This would be another giant step for Coach Pruitt and Chaney if we could get this fine young man back in Knoxville.
  14. Orange Swagger

    '20 TN OLB Tamarion McDonald (UT SIGNEE)

    Shut your mouth. He's a BAD...
  15. Orange Swagger


    A great young man staying home. GBO
  16. Orange Swagger

    No way JG starts next year

    JG should not return next season. He is embarrassed us too many times.
  17. Orange Swagger

    '20 MO OL Jalen St. John

    Missouri and Vanderbilt both need to exit the SEC

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