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  1. OrangeUaVol2

    Make fun of Alabama

    Best thing in Alabama is the Tennessee River!
  2. OrangeUaVol2

    Fact vs Fiction on UF/LSU from SEC Country

    Mizzu going to beat the Gators this weekend! All this will be moot!
  3. OrangeUaVol2

    Fact vs Fiction on UF/LSU from SEC Country

    Award both teams a loss unless game is played and i guarantee the schools will figure out how to play this game.
  4. OrangeUaVol2

    Bruce Feldman and Tim Brando criticize the SEC's handling of LSU/Florida

    Both teams awarded a forfiet unless replay agreement can be reached.
  5. OrangeUaVol2

    FL/LSU game "postponed"

    Gives Fornette time to get healthy.
  6. OrangeUaVol2

    SEC Divisional Winner, Since Florida Has Confused Things

    Teams that don't complete SEC schedule should be ineligible for SEC Championship game! Here is a way to get them to agree award them both a loss unless game is rescheduled.
  7. OrangeUaVol2

    Question about LSU/UF game cancelation - East Coast weather [update: game cancelled]

    Both teams should be awarded a loss unless game is made up. This will ensure both come to an agreement on make up. Or teams that don't complete SEC schedule are ineligible for SEC Championship game. Thoughts?
  8. OrangeUaVol2

    Duck calls for the game

    Put it down your pants and if they ask what it is tell them your excited to see them!
  9. OrangeUaVol2

    Vandy printed schedule. Spotted something interesting

    We need to Checkerboard their stadium this year!
  10. OrangeUaVol2

    Alexis Johnson's Accuser added to Civil Suit?

    leave money on the nightstand, crisis adverted!
  11. OrangeUaVol2

    If Butch were to get fired...

    So what's the next project for our sewing circle?

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