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  1. 1TallVolFan

    Harrison Bailey IG Vid

    Man what I liked seeing is his trust in the wide receivers. A few times he threw the ball to spots receivers were not at yet hitting them in stride where they barely had to look. How many times have we seen receivers have to plant to catch the ball, have 50/50 catch where it’s just thrown up in...
  2. 1TallVolFan

    Anyone have any updates on Jeremy Banks's status?

    That’s the way Pruitt wants it. Stay out of the headlines out of the spotlight and then #33 is back at practice. Banks best chance to just be another player not a headline or article footnote.
  3. 1TallVolFan

    So who exactly is our Tight End in 2020?

    Why in 20 years only 2 TEs have been “used”. Besides Witten and Rivera has there been any to make an impact since ‘00?
  4. 1TallVolFan

    Two Wins

    My guarantee wins would be Georgia and Bama(both top 5). My thinking is if you can beat both teams you can beat every team on the schedule.
  5. 1TallVolFan

    Jennings is a Niner

    If I’m not mistaken besides Moseley, Hurd and Jennings...isn’t Kongbo on the 49ers too? They at are giving him a chance i think.
  6. 1TallVolFan

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I think Pruitt is using the Starship Troopers method... ”I need a running backs coach! You're it, until you're dead or I find someone better.”
  7. 1TallVolFan

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I don’t think so. I heard they have to wait till Summer semester(May/June) have him enroll before he’s an official member of the recruiting class/team. Which scares me because even if he commits to a school...until he’s enrolled he could still go anywhere.
  8. 1TallVolFan

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Osovet works with RBs . Let’s hope that’s good news.
  9. 1TallVolFan

    Weekend Visitors

    As athletic as Beckwith is he would make a great TE if he can put on some weight. he’s a QB so good hands, he’s 6’5” over the middle threat, just needs some weight and as a receiving TE could be dominant. With Pope as a blocker and Beckwith as a receiver TE could be great next few years. Plus...
  10. 1TallVolFan

    This why Kirby doesn’t scare me.

    I think we are from the same little(not so little town) in Ga. My whole family pulls for those barking turds. There are a few of us die hards out here though. Monday after the Ga State game I had an old lady saw my Power T on my Jeep and tapped on my window at the post office to tell me how...
  11. 1TallVolFan

    Predict JG’s stats vs Florida

    21-29 241 Yrds 2 tds 1 INT.
  12. 1TallVolFan

    The Defense Was The Biggest Problem Today

    The one thing. The offe se sucked but they did enough to beat a Sun Belt team. Over 400 yards of offense and 30 points should beat every Sun Belt team because your SEC defense should keep them under 10. I'm not taking up for the offense but damn where was the defense(Pruitts baby) the whole game?
  13. 1TallVolFan

    The most TN saying ever

    I understand morale being so down. One positive almost every coach has a boost is season two(Except Kiffin at FAU) last year when it was a bad it was real bad(UF, Mizz, and Vandy) but when it was good it was real good(Kentucky and Auburn). If that could just level out a nice season could be...
  14. 1TallVolFan

    5star recruiting

    Well 17 of the top 25 teams last year had 10 or better wins, 5 of those being SEC schools. So yeah 10 win seasons are pretty attainable.
  15. 1TallVolFan

    5star recruiting

    For a team that has won 9 games in two years it's pretty astounding Pruitt has got 2 5 starsso far. The staff is still in its infancy at UT. I think the 5 stars will come in but I wouldn't expect more than one a year until he can prove he's a solid 10 win a season coach...which he might be. Can...
  16. 1TallVolFan

    Vols and former Vols in this years draft

    TKjr officially retired from football if I'm not mistaken.
  17. 1TallVolFan

    Eli Wolf heading to UGA

    I think he just got over recruited. They just brought in two monster blocking TEs. Eli was never a big TE that Pruitt wants. Just my guess.
  18. 1TallVolFan

    UT "self reports" NCAA violations

    Level III... Shhhhhhiiiiiii. I'll take that all day! Don't let anyone see that man carrying the little black bag and we are good.
  19. 1TallVolFan

    Schiano Out at OSU

    Bout time someone flushed that turd!
  20. 1TallVolFan

    Tee Martin & Will Friend Co-OC?

    As sad as it seems it sounds like last year was a behind the scenes Helton & Friend Co-OC. Which as we all know was awful... So it's better to go get the other USC coordinator to try it again? And that's going work better? 👀🙄

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