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    Uncle Lou is extra spicy today!

    I am sorry I wasted part of my morning on this. He is not worth watching or listening to.
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    #2 Class on Rivals!

    247 Has us #1 in SEC and #3 overall nationallly
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    Tennessee in Pursuit of Jabril Cox (NDSU)

    They mentioned this on Sports Animal earlier today. He would be a good get to replace Bituli.
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    Regardless of where the star-gazers rank us.........

    I am sure they are quite disappointed they were wrong again.
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    Decade of change

    Ky has not given us a run for our money. Beat us twice since 1984!!!
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    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. #13 Memphis Game Thread

    Cold shooting from Turner and Bowden killed the Vols today. Memphis is not that good. We missed tons of open shots.
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    Parking near stadium

    PU and drop off is at Circle Park
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    Food options inside Neyland

    Eat before and after you go, much more choices.
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    Tony Basilio

    To me he is just clickbait, so I just listen elsewhere. Been listening to UT sports for 60 years, so pretty easy to recognize who is interested in providing info and who is just trying to make a name for themselves.
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    Tony Basilio

    At least WNML has facts not rumors, guesses and supposed inside info. You never learn anything from Basilio
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    Why poke the bear?

    Sounds made up to me
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    Comic relief

    Those phones provided by Fla
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    So is Pruitt a great coach again?

    Dumb thread from the start, what a waste
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    Pruitt said they simplified, so, no not overcoached
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    FULMER Coach the OLine?

    Actually he throwing late every time, does not make sense.
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    You can’t rebuild a program while training a coach...

    Dickey did it quite well.
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    This one hurts...

    Don't take too seriously.....CLICK BAIT is all it is.
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    Preston Williams

    Did we not hash this over last week
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    Keon Johnson picks the Vols

    Huge get for Barnes
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    SEC Records since expansion

    When you panic and fire coaches without a plan, this is what happens. Many fans saw this coming with Hamilton leading the way.

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