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    Yes we've gotta play smart! Why Tennessee Lady Vols hurt themselves more than UConn by canceling series | Adams
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    Of course actions have consequences as well they should! As far as being hypocritical you need look no further than AD Fulmer where he wanted his player and made a fuss when the NCAA disagreed, but didn't likewise feel Evina should have the same chance? Who's to say the player he wanted isn't...
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    Well KARMA smacked Fulmer in his dense head, so it might be nice if he didn't hold a grudge against Westbrook for telling the truth about Holly's atrocious coaching and how far the Lady Vols had sunk??? The only thing Holly did well was recruit?? Now Kellie has to clean up the mess she left, but...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2020-21

    Williams actually played 39 minutes and scored 15 points for Stanford today: Stanford vs. Texas - Box Score - December 22, 2019 - ESPN
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    Pat wasn't the ONLY one who 'built up' women's basketball and there were many other men and women who "built" the sport into what it has become today? Ignorance is bliss when you traipse through life with your mind closed????? Here's someone who preceded Pat and also shared her first name...
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    An Outsider's view of the Geno-UT feud

    The only time I've ever seen Shea smile is when she's in a picture with her baby? She does scowl a lot!!
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    An Outsider's view of the Geno-UT feud

    Her male hating article would have a bit more credibility if she didn't have such an obvious bias against men coaching women? Also; ironically, she claims to have a journalism undergraduate degree, but doesn't understand the difference between the use of the words "elude" and "allude"? Reminds...
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    They're having a bit of a down season, but have you seen their recruiting for the next couple of years? It's really good!!! We'd better get our butts in gear here and at least keep up with them if we want to remain a top team!! I see Kellie as the type of coach who will challenge and coach her...
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    You can hate Geno all you want, but he backs up his players unlike the previous clueless WCBB coach here??? How many times were the players here thrown under the bus last season, particularly during the losing streak?? Thank God we have a REAL coach here now; a coach who actually cares about her...
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    Lou Brown felt the dirty side of Anigwe long

    Before Griner did when they met in the PAC12! In this tweet you can see angry Anigwe throw the basketball into Brown's face???? Anigwe was rewarded with a well deserved technical foul:
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    Jaime Nared just signed a 7 day contract

    It's a shame that Jaime Nared wasn't coached UP during here time here???? I credit her for being loyal and staying here, but it certainly hampered her development! In 2014 out of high school she was ranked 6th overall and 1st for her position! In 2015 Napheesa Collier was also ranked 6th...
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    Jaime Nared just signed a 7 day contract

    With the Las Vegas Aces and I hope she's able to get some playing time to prove herself?!!!! Aces Sign Jaime Nared To Seven-Day Contract - Las Vegas Aces
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    I'm glad to see Holly is keeping herself

    Busy and still involved with women's basketball! I didn't like much of her coaching, but I wish her well: U.S. women's sports envoys to visit Taiwan | Sports | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
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    Former Lady Vols are excited for the program!!

    A nice High Post Hoops look at Kellie and where things are headed!!! Several former Lady Vols are excited about the changes ahead for Tennessee
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    New Fleser piece on Lady Vol assistants

    Kellie is quite capable and confident, and she's gonna lead her team by example. She's already changing the culture and she'll hold her players accountable, but she's not one to throw them under the bus. What a pleasant change; a coach who coaches her players up, makes them better players and...
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    New Fleser piece on Lady Vol assistants

    Here's another Fleser article dealing with prospective recruits and the importance of attitude: Dan Fleser: Attitude To Be Strong Factor In Lady Vol Recruiting
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    Russell Improving In The Pros

    She's having a really good season and getting plenty of playing time in Seattle! She came here to Holly as the #1 recruit and left BARELY making the WNBA!! Not trying to bash Holly, but that's the reality of what happened?? Seattle Coach Dan Hughes and his staff really worked with her and her...
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    UConn back to Big East

    Geno will have no problem wiping up the Big East again just like he did not too long ago when the Big East was even better!! He'll make certain his players are well motivated for that challenge, but that's more than a year away! I'm more concerned about Kellie's coaching here where she'll need...
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    Madison Hayes, Olivia Cochran, and Kara was the coach

    Here's the Final of USA vs New Zealand: Finals Highlights:
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    These are all good points and even Breanna Stewart had a rocky freshman season up until the NCAA Tournament, but then she took off! It's a really big jump from high school ball to elite DI basketball! Moreover; the same can be said for the jump from DI basketball to the WNBA and very few players...

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