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  1. Halph66

    Emmit Gooden dismissed from team

    So how many scholarships are we down to now? As many always say, these things seem to work themselves out on their own. GBO!
  2. Halph66

    UT predicted to be ranked #22 preseason

    Does this mean that we are back? At least people are noticing. GBO!
  3. Halph66

    Big Ten playing Conference only Schedule: CBS

    So does that mean that the Big10 won't be participating the Play Offs this year?
  4. Halph66

    Jeremy Banks is back on the team

    When you look at baseball for example they only get 11.7 scholarships. Very seldom does a single player get a full ride scholarship in baseball (stud pitchers are the exception). They coached my son to do well is school because it allows the coaches/schools to provide academic scholarships, etc...
  5. Halph66

    Jeremy Banks is back on the team

    This article helps explain the guaranteed scholarship subject. The Facts About “Guaranteed” Multi-Year NCAA Division I Scholarships
  6. Halph66

    Ashley Smith (Trey's sister) named Assistant AD for Player Relations & Development

    Congratulations young lady. Do great things. GBO!
  7. Halph66

    Tim Jordan arrested

    In Texas there is the Castle Law. One can have a fire arm in your vehicle regardless of possession of a license to carry (LTC). However all fire arms must be in a holster or some means to cover the trigger mechanism. Even the magnetic kind of devices that secure a pistol to the car are not legal...
  8. Halph66

    Tennessee Cornhole Boards

    Sweet. Here are some that I made several years back .
  9. Halph66

    What state were you born in, and what state do you live in now?

    Born in New Johnsonville, TN (Camden Hospital). Raised in Elizabethton, TN. LIve in Beach City, Texas (East of Houston, TX) I have also lived in Fontana, NC, Greenville, SC, Port Washington, WI, Perrysburg, OH, Atoka, TN, Kennesaw, GA, Dallas, GA,
  10. Halph66

    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    The original question was is football any good in the Houston area. But, from Mont Belvieu / Baytown (East) to Katy (West), Conroe (North) to Pearland & League City (South) and almost Rosenberg (South West) Is one mass of humanity. I live in Mont Belvieu, and have to drive to Katy for meetings...
  11. Halph66

    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    This should answer some of the questions about football around Houston. Cy-Fair has the most expensive stadium in the state of Texas at $84 million dollars. Katy, Conroe, Spring I know are all in Houston. These are the most expensive high school football stadiums in Texas
  12. Halph66

    Would Pruitt replace Saban?

    Look at from your personal perspective. If another employer came to you and offered you more money to do the same job that you currently have plus a whole lot of other factors, would you take the job? I would think you would at least listen to the offer. Tennessee doesn't have state income tax...
  13. Halph66

    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    You are correct they are 6A. There is some good football being played in an around the Houston area.
  14. Halph66

    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    He was flat pickin em up an putin em down.
  15. Halph66

    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    Just hand it to 34, he'll do the rest. On a side note, they must not call QB simulating the snap in high school. That QB does a lot of bouncing prior to the snap.
  16. Halph66

    Rivals: Is Pruitt recruiting better than Butch?

    It may have very well been. They were both extremely useless.
  17. Halph66

    Rivals: Is Pruitt recruiting better than Butch?

    The fact that ole Butchy Boy went a cycle without recruiting linemen should put the comparisons to bed.
  18. Halph66

    Georgia throwing shade

    If it doesn't matter, and they aren't scared, then why comment?
  19. Halph66

    I'm All In

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm in also. This is an opportunity that one can pass up. And it's for a good cause also. GBO!
  20. Halph66

    Pick'em - South Carolina 3/13-3/15

    2-1 Double Up

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