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    '20 WA OLB Sav'ell Smalls

    Smalls is heading to Tennessee right now, according to FSU writers. Just left Tallahassee.
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    '20 WA OLB Sav'ell Smalls

    He's going to FSU if they win 8 games in 2019.
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    '20 FL CB Kendall Dennis (Oklahoma commit)

    Not sure if they plan on taking one more in the secondary, but if so, reaaalllyy want it to be this kid. Pruitt could use his speed at multiple positions.
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    '19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)

    I guess this is what we freak out about in the doldrums of summer. Need a 3rd stringer to catch some bizarre legal charge to take our attention away. I'm feeling Aggravated Jaywalking.
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    '19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)

    Looks like he's just liking everyone that replied to the tweet. Which is a bunch of Washington fans. Kind of weird, thought our fanbase would be all in the replies.
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    '20 TN DL Corbet Mims (Ark State Commit)

    Could grades be an issue?
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    '20 FL DE Morven Joseph (UT SIGNEE)

    A number of staffs are higher on this kid than his ranking would suggest. Can't say I personally see it, but I'm also not paid to make those decisions. If Pruitt wants him, let's do it.
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    '20 TX QB Haynes King (TAMU Commit)

    There's an interesting theory about Texas high school football and how a shift to more Air Raid tendencies and pass-heavy offenses caused a decline in how Texas-born players perform in college and NFL. That is probably another reason King is so adamant on going to a school with the opposite focus.
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    "This is how the QBs stacked up per the grading system Barton was using that essentially boils the pro day session into accuracy and doesn't account for feet, arm talent, and other more subjective factors." Lmao what nonsense is this? When did footwork and arm talent become "subjective" factors?
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    '20 TX QB Haynes King (TAMU Commit)

    Fine, we'll give him the signing bonus. Kid drives a tough bargain.
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    '20 TN CB Keshawn Lawrence (UT SIGNEE)

    Y'all need to wait out the post-visit high. There's obviously going to be momentum in Miami's favor...cause it was their big chance to give every pitch they have to him.
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    '20 TN CB Keshawn Lawrence (UT SIGNEE)

    Is it set in stone that Jimmy Calloway would play on defense? There might one more spot left in the secondary if Lawrence commits.
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    '20 LA ATH Joel Williams (Kentucky commit)

    This right here. Mullen is learning the hard way that you can get away with stuff in Starkville when your main rival is Ole Miss and no one expects you to be a serious contender. You can't do the same things in Gainesville when your main rival is Georgia and kicking your ass both on and off the...
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    '20 TN CB Keshawn Lawrence (UT SIGNEE)

    There are few teams that worry me less in recruiting than Miami. Diaz is Al Golden 2.0. KL to the good guys coming soon.
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    Recruiting Memphis

    The lack of quality coaching is a bigger issue than a lot of people realize. There are so many naturally talented kids in the area that just get screwed because their coaching is subpar. Also means those kids are likely to get overlooked by a program like Tennessee, who can find players that are...
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    '19 MS ATH Diwun Black (Florida commit)

    IMO Mullen got bailed out by a perfect storm of recruiting weirdness last year. Both Miami and FSU were down, Alabama and Georgia lost their defensive coordinators and were the primary competition with Florida for two top-100 recruits (Bogle and Elam), and USC turned into a dumpster fire and...
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    '20 FL OL Richie Leonard (Florida commit)

    Cancelled his FSU visit, might be cancelling his Tennessee visit. Looks like a UK-UF-GT battle right now.
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    Who's next to commit?

    I'd say Haynes King simply because it seems like his recruitment is progressing really quickly and he's already narrowed it down considerably. Then again, a majority of the commits in the class right now came out of left field, soooo
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Also, you're only as good as your sources, and if your source is wrong/overly optimistic/whatever, then by extension that's going to look bad on you. Even if your source is someone generally trustworthy.
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    '20 FL WR Thaiu Jones-Bell

    Not feeling good about this one. Probably got told by Bama's staff to jump in now or there won't be a spot left.

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