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    Actually, good coaching and over-achieving team this season

    They overcame grade-C+ QB play by calling plays within the limits of the QB (good coaching), improved greatly on defense (great coaching), and ended with a winning season. So great accomplishment this year. Go ahead and give the coach a huge raise; maybe make him the highest paid in the SEC so...
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    Jennings suspended for first half of bowl game (merged)

    Its obvious to me that Jennings knew exactly what he was doing. He tried to be deceptive but its hard to fool another When you are standing over someone with your cleats on, the polite good natured thing to do is make sure you don't step on someone as you move out of the...
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    The team needs a leader that has the "IT" factor.

    The coach must find a QB that has the "IT"factor. Our team cannot score enough points to win most games. That was apparent all last season. That falls on the QB in most all cases. Teams that have an "it" QB win most games; you see it every Sat, even with freshman QBs. Teams with "it" QBs...
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    The QB Debate - post South Carolina (merged)

    I agree 100% but you're wasting your time talking about it. Coaching is committed too deep and can't get out; therefore the vols are doomed to low scoring against any decent team and will never have better than 50% chance of beating any low branch SEC team and 95% chance of always losing to a...
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    We really are in danger of losing to Vandy and UK

    I said before the season started that if the Vols could not score at least 30pts per game, then they would go about 7-5. They are extremely lucky that they don't already have 5 losses. I know they have great talent but there is just something about plays and formations they run that just does...
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    The coaches or the players to blame?

    the coaches will call every play as if they are always behind and must score every time they have the ball. No excuse allowed. More short pass plays and screens need to be called to compensate for marginal offensive line play, plus QB must keep the ball more often on running plays. Vol defense...
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    The real Problem

    That is the real problem. Why anyone would ever get rid of a Coach whose blood runs orange and won a National Championship for you is beyond me.
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    It's very evident after tonight.

    Jones has got to get a good passer that is also a good runner. All the best teams have that. We couldn't even get to the top with PM: it took a good passer and great runner via TM. We have a great defense but our offense wears them out and I suspect also depresses them. Being one of the...

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