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    Lou's article

    Exactly! I’m sure they thought their 6th year senior could figure it out. Kellie always spoke highly of Lou. Laughing or making a joke after a mistake is not uncommon. I can go watch game or practice film of all of the top women’s coaches and find a clip of this occurring. This was more of an...
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    Lou's article

    I actually saw this statement and thought it was a positive thing. When you have 2 seniors that probably would not have played for the top half of the SEC, you want your new coach to build for the future. Kellie did not completely write them off and they both still contributed to the team. It...
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    Rhyne Howard

    I agree with this all day long! All it takes is one game changer added to the right pieces. Whether everyone wants to see it our not, Kellie is adding the pieces. Our current roster lacked shooters and guard depth so she went out and found that in 2020. We needed a bruiser down low so she’s...
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    GREAT VIDEO Kellie and the 3 sophomores

    I think we will look back in a year or two, and realize just how important the sophomore class was in getting us back to the top. Kellie has instilled confidence in them that they did not have last year. Rae is slowly developing into a go to player. I know many have questioned her decision...
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    I will have to watch a replay but I’m certain that was all on Jaz. She was supposed to come back to the ball and she just stood there. She was wide open on the next play when she came back to the ball, and it appeared to be the exact same set.
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    I agree that they are definitely improving each game. Yes the turnovers are a problem, and unfortunately probably won’t be completely improved until next season. We have underclassmen running PG and our best player is learning on the job on how to step up and be a vocal leader. I’m not sure why...
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    Game Thread: #25/RV LADY VOLS VS. #RV/RV LSU

    @lvocd I’m right there with you. I’ve been anxiously waiting for tonight’s game. The team definitely needed a bye, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they respond after having time to get their legs back under them. With the exception of Re, this is the first time most of them have played...
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Finally someone that gets it. Regardless of where they are now Notre Dame was ranked 15 when we beat them and Texas started the season considered a better team than us. We took care of Notre Dame and should’ve beaten Texas and Kentucky. In my opinion, those 3 games told me more about where we...
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    I don’t think Key deserves all the blame when it comes to her shot attempts and slight tunnel vision. Maybe I feel this way because I played PG, but her guards are doing a horrible job of getting her the ball. When you are battling and battling and not getting a touch eventually you stop...
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Early in the season Key could out jump and outmuscle less athletic post and grab the passes that are now turnovers against more athletic teams. This is why Kellie would’ve preferred a tougher schedule early on. No matter how many times a player is told it’s a bad pass it’s hard to get that buy...
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Today I felt she was too stubborn and stuck to her substitution pattern. Jaz definitely should’ve played almost the entire game today. She’s not aggressive as Horston, but it’s a mute point if that aggression is leading to turnovers and disrupting offensive flow. Jaz also goes to Horston and...
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    This team is offensively challenged. We have known that from day 1. That’s why Kellie has tried to focus so much on defense and rebounding. I rewatch most games once and sometimes twice and they actually run some nice sets to get people open. The problem is when they are open they miss wide open...
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    McCoy, McCoy, McCoy... a perspective

    Lou has such a high basketball IQ. She does all the little things. To think she is doing all of this on one good leg. She’s definitely a warrior and one of my favorite Lady Vols. She’s not flashy and doesn’t score alot of points, but she’s that player you can’t help but to love because she...
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    McCoy, McCoy, McCoy... a perspective

    The McCoy we saw in the LSU game is probably the player Coach Harper was seeing in practice to start the season. I really think her injuries set her back, and she is just starting to get back into the flow of things. I know it was oh so long ago but there is a reason McCoy was a starter at the...
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    Noticed Kelly used other post players today and KK's minuets were reduced

    That’s what this forum is for right to have open dialogue about Lady Vol basketball 😀. As a former player and coach, there are certain things that I notice and realize just from experience. I was a pg and I gave players like Key some extra love on rebounds and screens. When the ladies play these...
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    Noticed Kelly used other post players today and KK's minuets were reduced

    Playing college basketball is no joke. Key is playing post, as a Freshman, in one of the most physical conferences in women’s basketball. I definitely don’t see a lazy player. I see a Freshman that is learning how to play post in the SEC.
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    Game Thread: #23/23 LADY VOLS VS. LSU

    Kam is playing because Lou is in foul trouble. You can’t put Lou in and risk her getting a 3rd foul because this game will likely go down to the wire. She is less of a liability on offense and defense than KK against a team with this type of speed. Coach Harper learned from her mistakes against...
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    Game Thread: #23/23 LADY VOLS VS. LSU

    She took her out with under a minute left in the quarter, so more than likely to keep her from picking up a silly 2nd foul and give her a quick break before the start of the 2nd quarter.
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    Lady Vols Ball Security (Turnovers)

    After watching the game again this morning, the diamond and one contributed to a lot of their turnovers. When Alabama was in this particular defense, we pressed too much on offense and over passed the ball. Every time they switch out of the defense we would score or get a great look. The good...
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    Game Thread: #24/25 TENNESSEE VS. ALABAMA

    As much as I wanted this game to be a blowout, I honestly think the team needed a game like this. The ladies pulled off a win on a night that they played pretty poorly for most of the game. All of their loses have been on nights that they played extremely poorly. After all of the poor...

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