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  1. CWEBB82

    CPF helping coach O Line

    This article is written by John Adams, so let's all move along.
  2. CWEBB82

    Azzanni Departing to NFL

    Azzanni to Bears as WR coach, per Hubbs on 104.5 the zone
  3. CWEBB82

    Butch Jones Monday 9/19 Press Conference - Live

    Hubbs confirmed on TOS that Sutton will have surgery this week. Will be out 6-8 weeks before rehab would start. Bummer
  4. CWEBB82

    2 Florida tickets for sale

    I'm interested.
  5. CWEBB82

    Reeves maybin out

  6. CWEBB82

    Reeves maybin out

    The VQ article doesn't say anything about surgery. Just says he'll be out through the end of spring and will have extended rehab time.
  7. CWEBB82

    CBS Rankings

    UT was ranked 11th best in SEC per CBS Rankings Complete SEC & National Rankings for SEC Teams: UK - 1st SEC; 2nd Nat'l Vandy - 2nd SEC; 22 Nat'l TA&M - 3rd SEC; 27 Nat'l LSU - 4th SEC; 38 Nat'l UGA - 5th SEC; 47 Nat'l Florida - 6th SEC; 55 Nat'l Ole Miss - 7th SEC; 68 Nat'l USCe -...
  8. CWEBB82

    It's happening...

    LONG LIVE GRUMORS!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
  9. CWEBB82

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk XVII

    Kamara Kerbyson/Blair Jack Jones/AJ Branisel
  10. CWEBB82

    '17 FL WR Rodney Scott

    Wow, the hudl film is very impressive. Looks like a great route runner for a guy his age with some CP-esque moves :popcorn:
  11. CWEBB82

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk XVII

    Wow, the hudl film embedded in the link is very impressive. Looks like a great route runner with some CP-esque moves :popcorn:
  12. CWEBB82

    2015 Signee Highlight Mixtape

    Yea, I watched for 5 min. Enjoyed what I watched. I'm at work, so I'll watch the rest later if that's alright with everyone :thumbsup:
  13. CWEBB82

    2015 Signee Highlight Mixtape

    Nicely done! I enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing what our defense looks like with these studs! GBO
  14. CWEBB82

    Roster officially updated

    Michael Sawyers is still around.
  15. CWEBB82

    Jordan Williams has Message for Volnation

    This kid has been through a whole lot! Very proud of him! He will be a VFL who comes back a lot IMO
  16. CWEBB82

    Jalen Hurd cited for underage drinking (will play in bowl)

    This sounds like a way more credible story that the Tennessean's version. Tennessean ran with something only half way knowing what happened. They must be struggling pretty bad. Terrible.
  17. CWEBB82

    '15 TN ATH Jauan Jennings (UT commit 4/7/14)

    I think in the second to last sentence, an "accept the fax" would've fit in nicely, but overall very well done!
  18. CWEBB82

    '15 TN DE Kyle Phillips (UT commit 1/3/15)

    I'm sure this has already been discussed, but has Kyle set an announcement date yet?
  19. CWEBB82

    Could use some prayers / good vibes

    Prayers sent. 1 Corinthians 10:13. Keep the faith! God Bless
  20. CWEBB82

    Syracuse vs. Cal (merged)

    Preach on, brother! :clapping:

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