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  1. CragrockVol

    Maurer? Portal bound?

    "Make the best decision for the family": Has it not been a recurrent theme from recruits that the Vols have a "family" atmosphere?
  2. CragrockVol

    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Orange sky at morning, Hoosiers take warning.....
  3. CragrockVol

    SDS talks about our last three games

    Ouch! Reminds me of Regression and Correlation statistics class at Glocker a long time ago.
  4. CragrockVol


    If we finish the season winning out (7-5), which bowl game wants us the most?
  5. CragrockVol

    2019 Fall Baseball Thread

    My Grandfater played baseball at UTK for a couple of years. I thought everyone would like to see a photo from the 1908 baseball team with all the team members identified. My Grandfather, Shelah Rhea Ware, Sr., is first from the left on the front row. Shortstop, I think. When my daughter...
  6. CragrockVol

    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    Do QBs struggle the first year in Chaney's offense?
  7. CragrockVol

    Is this a 1 win season?

    Duncan Stewart sat on a top of a billboard in Nashville until Tennessee won a game in 1988.
  8. CragrockVol

    Trey Smith Cleared to Play

    "Gentlemen, let's plow the road." President Whitmore
  9. CragrockVol

    How Kellie Harper Succeeded this Year with only 1 Senior

    Kellie is from my hometown, Sparta. The Jolly family is well-known, respected, and loved. Her father, the late Ken Jolly, was a well known White County High School basketball coach several years ago. Let's hope she gets a shot at coaching the Lady Vols!
  10. CragrockVol

    New Ranking after toppling #1

    How about a #1 seed?
  11. CragrockVol

    Tennessee Football Twitter posted this.

    Why? Because I am a UTK graduate and when my daughter graduated, she became a 4th generation grad. That's why. Win, lose, or draw. We love Tennessee.
  12. CragrockVol

    Thanks to my fellow Veterans!

    USN during Vietnam years, '69-'73 and finished at UTK in '75.
  13. CragrockVol

    Worst College Football Coaches of All Time

    It's actually Watson Brown from Cookeville who is the worst. Losses pile up, but Watson Brown not defeated
  14. CragrockVol

    Pics from VolDay18 today

    I cannot see Freak's photos and I am at home. It just started a couple of days ago.
  15. CragrockVol

    Pics from VolDay18 today

    I cannot see Freak's photos even though logged in.
  16. CragrockVol

    CJP will have say on Smokey Grey Uni's

    Get rid of the gray uniforms.
  17. CragrockVol

    Danny O"Brien dismissed from team

    FWIW this is the timing of a drug test from How long does it take get workplace drug testing results? Results from workplace drug testing are fairly quick and can usually be received in a few days. An employer may also request to have the test done with a rapid test that can...

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