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  1. VolPack22

    Your "sleeper" picks for the SEC divisions......

    Has to be Auburn in the West. They draw Kentucky as their East opponent and have an easy OOC schedule imo.
  2. VolPack22

    Jay Graham going down with Fisher?

    Is that their version of the human centipede?
  3. VolPack22

    5 Star Heart House for sale

    He should give it Josh Dobbs as a thank you for making him look better than he actually was.
  4. VolPack22

    Players Speaking Up

    I don’t have a problem with athletes speaking out during their free time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The main issue I have is whenever you step on that field/court, leave all that stuff at the door. That’s what I was always taught growing up. Whatever you or anybody else has...
  5. VolPack22

    Best defensive performance

    Two under the radar games within the past decade are Corey Miller’s 5 sack game against Kentucky in 2013 and Daniel Bituli’s 23 tackle game against Georgia Tech in 2017. Also, I remember AJ Johnson going on an unbelievable tear his Sophomore season and pretty sure he had a 20 tackle game...
  6. VolPack22

    Best College Football Entrance

    I don’t have a problem with the rock or running down the hill, but Clemson’s bus ride thing is so stupid to me. When I come out of the locker room the adrenaline is pumping and I’m ready to go. Seems like coming out and getting on a bus takes away from the high emotions built up in the locker...
  7. VolPack22

    Fulmer says Tennessee is planning on a full stadium in 2020 -Adjustments may be made-

    If they do the mask requirement with full stadium capacity you might see some people getting sent to the hospital early on. Those early season games in the south can be absolutely brutal when it comes to the heat. In addition to the heat, masks restrict air flow and you’ll possibly be having...
  8. VolPack22

    The No. 1 jersey and its significance?

    I feel like No. 1 is held in higher regard in basketball and hockey. Off the top of my head, Warren Moon is probably the best player in football to ever wear it with Cam Newton probably behind him. It’s not really a “go to” number for football in my eyes. As far as UT Football goes, Leonard...
  9. VolPack22

    Top 50 Individual Seasons

    I think Chris Lofton’s Junior season should be on there if I’ve got the timeline correct. That was the 2006-2007 season. I think they created the rule in 2005? He averaged 21ppg, made over 100 3’s at a 42% rate, SEC POY, and 2nd-Team AA. If he played in today’s environment he would be making at...
  10. VolPack22


    I love the shot taken at the Bears in the bottom right corner for passing on Mahomes. Made me chuckle.
  11. VolPack22

    Come on Texas really!!!

    Looks like all they did was make a carbon copy with the only difference being color and the white trim outline. At least tweak the logo a little if you’re going to go by the Longhorns nickname. They were just asking for trouble.
  12. VolPack22

    What is the #1 trait a football player should have?

    In any team sport, I think great leadership is probably the thing I would value pretty highly. If you have someone at every position group that is able to lead the others in the group and not have any diva problems then chances are you will have a close group. Usually that translates to wins. I...
  13. VolPack22

    We can smell the fear - Gator twitter trolling

    What was it, 16 tweets about us in one day? Numbers seem to always mean something so maybe we will beat them by 16 points this year
  14. VolPack22

    Current Uniforms Ranked 49th GOAT in All of Sports

    You forgot the tradition of allowing Chester the Molester to run rampant for at least 15 years. The whole program should’ve been shut down and the jerseys burned if you ask me. Edit: Nothing directed at you personally. I just just don’t care for anything Penn St related since that scandal came out.
  15. VolPack22

    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    2001 will always be the most disappointing. All we had to do was beat LSU and we were in the NC game. I thought we matched up well with Miami.
  16. VolPack22

    Will there be football in 2020?

    I call BS. the games are nothing without fans in the stands. Even if they have to implement half capacity there will be fans in the stands.
  17. VolPack22

    Two Wins

    Has to be Florida and Alabama, although I wouldn’t mind swapping those with OU and Georgia. Those are the two biggest rivals and if we beat them in the same season we will officially be BACK.
  18. VolPack22

    Rivals: Is Pruitt recruiting better than Butch?

    I’m surprised Nicky hasn’t filed a complaint with the SEC stating that we now have a recruiting advantage over Alabama due to him being technologically challenged.
  19. VolPack22

    FYI: Players drafted 2000-2020

    Kind of surprised Vanderbilt has 28. Seems too high.
  20. VolPack22

    SEC Expansion What If - SDS Article

    Just move Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Ohio St in and the SEC Champ will be declared National Champ. No need for the other conferences to continue.

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