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    I met Jauan Jennings today

    Barker is that you
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    Tennessee wins: College Football is on notice

    10-2 if we beat Oklahoma and that's a big if we represent the east in the SEC championship with a upset win over Georgia
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    Hoosier's Pick 6 Hoops Challenge- Week #6

    Duke Seton hall Kansas Illinois Belmont Kentucky 69
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    '21 VA RB Trenton Adkins

    Weak competition
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    27 vols 24 dawgs OT 369total yards Pruitt gets win and tn still wins SEC east
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    *****Pick the score contest: Florida

    Tennessee 34 Gators 31 JJ 127 yards 2td
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    *****Pick the score contest Georgia State

    52tn-10gsu 338 yds passing 3tds
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    '20 AL ATH Damarcus "Dee" Beckwith (Tennessee signee)

    This kid isnt a tight end kid looks legit WR or Olb kid is a skill player on offense when the ball is in his hands looks like CP
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    Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Auburn

    27 vols 24 barn 21 completions
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    "UT's big recruiting weekend appears to be a massive hit with several elite JUCOs"

    Juco are field ready in the weight room and the speed of the game isn't so fast with high school players unless you are elite
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    OFFICIAL Arkansas State Pick-the-Score Contest

    Vols 42 AR Kansas st 17 Pig 102
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    Which recruits have breakout seasons?

    It's not the 40 for dline it's really the first 10 yards if this man has a burst off the line that's all I really care for for this young man. If our dine is running 40s in a game we are not Goin to be good
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    Vols you played with or against growing up

    Marcellas johnson lamrcus cooker travis stephens prob somemore just can't think of them all
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    '16 TN ATH Gabe Angel

    Central plays in one of the best classification in the state guess you don't know much. Central played against hurd and shut him down all night. As for angel kid is good but i don't think sec good yet. He has size and speed but still needs work
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    '14 FL WR Ermon Lane

    kid looks like a good wr very good need to try and pull some athletes from Florida this year

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