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  1. Biso

    Vols will NOT be in the Music City Bowl vs Louisville (merged)

    Do you really believe that? Surely you don't. No, the Music City Bowl does not outrank the Gator Bowl. Give them credit for trying to get there by pouring more money into payouts but in terms of prestige it really isn't close...which is why the Gator Bowl is played Thursday in prime time and the...
  2. Biso

    Vols on upset alert in week 10

    Not concerned in the least about UAB. This team is light years ahead of where it was against Georgia State and BYU. The veteran leadership has stepped up, the freshmen have grown up. The OL has figured it out, the defense has turned a corner, and QB play is worlds ahead of where it was back...
  3. Biso

    Athletes getting paid.....terrible idea

    One thing that shouldn't be lost in this conversation is this: When it comes to the net impact to individual programs, this will not hurt Tennessee very fact, it might actually help. I understand the argument about the large markets, and that's true to a point, but let's be cautious...
  4. Biso

    Athletes getting paid.....terrible idea

    The hyperbole aside, none of those had anything to do with $$. (Well, the playoff is definitely a revenue-generator but I don't think that was the primary motivation behind it.) There's a reason the NCAA has worked so hard (sometimes failing, sometimes exposing its own hypocrisy in the process)...
  5. Biso

    Athletes getting paid.....terrible idea

    What's most interesting to me is that the state that is least friendly to capitalism is the state that spearheaded this conversation. There is definitely irony there.
  6. Biso

    Athletes getting paid.....terrible idea

    It seems like the primary argument in favor of "paying players" is based on the idea that college athletics programs are flush with cash. That's not necessarily true, though. Sure, big-time college athletics programs are big-time revenue producers...but they're also big-time spenders. Forbes...
  7. Biso

    Athletes getting paid.....terrible idea

    It's a complicated issue that everyone is trying to pigeonhole and fit into tidy little "for it" or "against it" boxes. But the reality is that this issue is going to sink college football as we know it...and that's sad.
  8. Biso

    Ainge on who should start at QB

    I think Maurer is the best QB on the roster. But, listen, all JG has done is take all the crap that this fan base (myself included) has flung at him, the shameful booing every time he steps onto the field, the social media garbage, and he's gone out and won us two huge SEC games.
  9. Biso

    Did the ball break the plane?

    No. The ball did not break the plane. But it was tough to overturn it once the call was made. My beef is with the fact that there were FOUR touchdowns called that weren't really touchdowns in that first half. Replay overturned 3 of them. Never seen that before in my life and don't expect to ever...
  10. Biso

    Pruitt’s Unsportsmanlike Penalty

    I was sitting behind the bench at a basketball game a couple of years ago and the coach said, "I'm going to fix this now." He calmly called time out, calmly called the referee over, and calmly said just the right things to push the ref's buttons. He never raised his voice, never lost his cool...
  11. Biso

    Tickets day of game

    The offer is still available but frankly I think it’s way overpriced. That’s ~$40/ea to sit way up in the south end zone upper level. There are literally thousands of tickets still available on line and literally thousands more through the resellers. You can get good seats off the street for...
  12. Biso

    Wanting to take my boys to their first UT game vs UAB....

    I'm gonna agree with everyone else on the Volunteer Village. It's a must for the little ones. They'll love meeting Smokey. I will disagree slightly on the Vol Walk. It's a must for the older kids, but at 5/3, I don't think the kids understand the spectacle of it all at that age. (If you can...
  13. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    Are you saying I ain’t gonna win any popularity contests? o_O
  14. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    I appreciate your vote of confidence.
  15. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    It was the low point of Tennessee football in my lifetime for sure. But sometimes you go lower before you start up. Where is rock bottom? Just because you hire a new coach doesn't mean you've hit rock bottom...and that also doesn't mean he can't wind up being a good coach. I know most people are...
  16. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    I don't disagree with any of that. I was there, too. Dooley was probably the most underwhelming hire in the history of big-time college football, but I convinced myself before he ever got to the podium that he was a good coach. Then, when he killed it at his introductory presser, I was all-in...
  17. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    Moral victories are when you're content with coming up short but being able to feel like you competed. I don't think anyone's content with losing to Georgia and Alabama, no matter what the score was. But being able to compete with those teams is a whole lot better than simply being dominated by...
  18. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    If you'd rather wallow in some weird self-satisfaction that UGA scored a couple of late touchdowns than admit that this team is improving, you may be part of the problem I was alluding to in the original post -- which is perhaps why you have taken such offense to it. In any event, I have work to...
  19. Biso

    How many of you would like to see Tennessee lose out to prove your point?

    Your posts are literally the definition of looking at the final score and not paying attention to the game. I assume you watched? If we're basing it on whether Tennessee covered the spread, a 65-yard scoop-and-score after a sack-fumble near the end of the game doesn't erase what happened for the...
  20. Biso

    which would you prefer

    Who cares? It's much ado about nothing. If John Adams hasn't written a column about it, we can rest assured it isn't something that should consume our time. ;) Seriously, the people who are making a big deal out of this are of the same mentality as the SJW types who try to destroy someone...

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