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    2 Vs Vanderbilt

    Looking for two vs. Vandy. Not picky where the seats are
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    Smokey eating out of Uga’s bowl

    Could Georgia be the game we win this year we aren't supposed to?..........Absolutely not
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    UT vs Georgia Terrace Tickets for sale.....

    Parking pass included?
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    2 tickets lower level TN vs GA

    Still available?
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    WTB - Pair of Lower Level for SC game

    I’ll take the USC games. Email me
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    Looking for 2-4 lower level for Miss. St or Georgia

    Looking for lower level tickets for these games. Can't believe I want to pay to watch this dumpster fire.
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    4 Lower Level Vanderbilt FOR SALE

    Georgia tickets still available?
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    *****Pick the score contest BYU

    TN- 37 BYU- 27 Giving up 412 yards
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    Former 5-star DT Aubrey Solomon joining the Vols

    I thought this was pretty cool.
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    We played both. Who's better. Pups or Turds?

    I have Georgia winning big like by 17+ points
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    Bold Predictions for Auburn

    It would be awesome. I went to the UGA game and I hate moral victories, but our team did fight in that game especially the defense. I think we come out hungry today. Will we won? I don’t know, but I think we could. Gotta keep from turning the ball over, especially on our side of the field, and...
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    Bold Predictions for Auburn

    Tennessee offense doesn’t start flat with a 3 and out drive.
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    Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Auburn

    Tennessee-20 Auburn-17 21 completions
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    What I was most dissapointed in.

    Has nothing to do with participation trophies. Goes with watching the game. Noticing guys in the secondary playing well and making plays. RBs running hard and making people not want to hit them. QBs getting up play after play after being hit and still stepping up in the pocket. Using points and...
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    What I was most dissapointed in.

    If that’s the way you judge a team is by the final score then you don’t know much about the game.
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    What I was most dissapointed in.

    Well like I said we lead them statistically in everything. Just turnovers is why we lost. You are looking at only what they did bad. The argument is stop acting like we even have the personnel to compete. Our OL is not only banged up, but not very good even if they weren’t hurt. DL can’t put...
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    What I was most dissapointed in.

    You take the turnovers away and it is a great game. Going into that game we had the least amount of turnovers in the SEC. Stop judging this team and coaches on one terrible game. It was an awful game, but when you turn the ball over 5 times in one half it’s kinda hard to look like a good. No...
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    What I was most dissapointed in.

    Why do so many Tennessee fans think a new coach year one is going to come out and win? Do you see what we have right now as far as personnel? Our OL is stretched so thin we have a defensive lineman taking snaps with 2nd team. You think because he was at Bama he was just going to come into...

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