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  1. Jrobin

    '21 FL ATH Brashard Smith

    Looks like Tyreke Hill
  2. Jrobin

    MS DT Fabien Lovett (FSU transferee)

    In MISSISSIPPI a noose is more they just a obsolete object. It's a symbol that some if those recruits grandparents remember so adequately. You see a teen but if you haven't lived in there shoe (culture wise) you really couldn't relate.
  3. Jrobin

    Woman apologizes after calling Tennessee fan racial slur

    Then why not just say shut the f*** up and move on. She was mad enough to not care about cameras or any thing at the moment. She knew that word would do to him. No excuse for her to use hopefully she can move on and be better.
  4. Jrobin

    Woman apologizes after calling Tennessee fan racial slur

    You are some people are outraged just to be that outraged about something. If you say this word all the time and get called it and now appalled. You are no better then the people who use it to hurt and degrade others. Do I think ever white person that uses the word is a Racist the answer is no...
  5. Jrobin

    Woman apologizes after calling Tennessee fan racial slur

    I'm black and I dont use that word. Yet first thing some people say on here is I bet a bunch of black people where calling each other that or saying that and now they are mad cause she said it. She obviously said to try to hurt first of all. Black people have taken a word that was meant for...
  6. Jrobin

    The Official Tennessee vs. #20 Washington Game Thread, 5:00 PM ET, ESPN+

    720pStream NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB Sports Streaming Online click the box in the top right. Go to NCAA Men and scroll down to Tennessee vs Washington
  7. Jrobin

    All Things Considered...

    Just kill you to think we could be 7-3 right now. We should be 7-3 and could end up 9-3😟
  8. Jrobin

    Re: Warrior

    That's zone coverage right? Then the linebackers should flow with the QB eyes. I'm even more confused on who's fault that was now lol. Just glad we won
  9. Jrobin

    Good OL Progress

    And the defense finished games.
  10. Jrobin

    Re: Warrior

    Mybad coach
  11. Jrobin

    Re: Warrior

    It was 27 couch's guy. Warrior tried to make up for him but it was too late.
  12. Jrobin

    The Official Tennessee vs. Mississippi State Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    AND A BIG TIME THROW!!! Give credit to the kid
  13. Jrobin

    The Official Tennessee @ #9 Florida Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Basketball ball season can't get here fast enough
  14. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Bad blocking buddy lol that's what I see.
  15. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    2:07 3:01 3:09 3:40 5:16 ty fortunately has the speed to get thru that hole. 10:20 guy runs by guard feet in quick sand 14:40 he's a freshman but still what are you looking at guy. 21:00 guess this JG fault lol. Gray will get better but this was bad. 21:22 23:30 guard whiffs I'm not saying...
  16. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Have you watched the game the Oline missed plenty of guys which resulted In 2sacks. Also out freshmen running back got ran over for a sack. One sack was on him and it was the most costly the corner blitz. Saying the offensive line was good is a terrible evaluation. Please go back and watch the game
  17. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Idc if he fumbles he is a difference maker. He can score or fumble at anytime. He needs 15-20 plus touches
  18. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Same thing was said about Dobbs my guy. Dobbs just have something JG doesn't have playmaking ability with feet. Offensive line was bad really didn't make lanes for better backs. Leadership is might not always be as you view it. Everybody is not Tim Tebow. Dude gets hit alot and get up never...
  19. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    So because you don't like him he is a diva. I mean I understand your upset but the guy has been killed most of his career from terrible line play. He still stays and gets back up everytime. I can fault him for questioning the blocking of the offensive line he barely had any his whole career.
  20. Jrobin

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Locklear run blocking on pulls was mediocre to say the least. Made gray have to make a move in the back field to make a guy miss way to early. Offensive line wasn't very good at run blocking no movement no real push. Pass block was ok but the times the messed up was when it hurt really bad.

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