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  1. white65

    Need Help Vol Family

    Praying for peace that passes all understanding.
  2. white65

    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry

    As someone who live in the Cleveland area, I hope Tray didn't commit without a commit-able offer.........
  3. white65

    Where is Bruce Pearl Coaching in Three to Five Years?

    Noone is allowed to say Tennessee!!! If he keeps have success at Auburn I see a blue blood school hiring him, or at least a school with a better basketball tradition than AU ( He could go almost anywhere Lol). I'm guessing North Carolina!
  4. white65

    OU not to report until 7/1

    First time in a while I've laughed out load (Cause typing Lol didn't feel right here) and said go screw yourself at the same time. Well done!
  5. white65

    247: Vols' projected depth chart next season

    I agree but he has a permanent short leash. Can't be afraid to pull him if he's way off.
  6. white65

    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon

    I'm starting to get the pre-boom spasms!
  7. white65

    '21 NC ATH Kaemen Marley (Tennessee Commit)

    Haha mean Tennessee recruiting as the something compared to all the other crap in the world right now lol.
  8. white65

    '21 NC ATH Kaemen Marley (Tennessee Commit)

    BOOOO WHOOOOM Glad something is going right.
  9. white65

    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    One season at LG then either Wanya or Darnell ( if not both) will declare for the draft and he takes a tackle spot. At the same time we've built solid depth across the OL he may not be a starter at the beginning of the year if hes not an EE.
  10. white65

    '21 TN OLB Junior Colson (Michigan commit)

    Haven't yall ever seen the blind side? This kid is going to Michigan! As many others have said we are fine at LB this class any way!
  11. white65

    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe (Tennessee commit)

    For the first time in a while, and its nice.
  12. white65

    Trey Smith’s latest 2021 NFL Draft ranking

    So I think he practices just without live contact. Which makes it impressive that he can be so dominant without live reps in practice. You're right though he needs to be "fully healthy" if a team is drafting him 1st round.
  13. white65

    Trey Smith’s latest 2021 NFL Draft ranking

    I bet you were the guy who got mad at other people for drinking water in practice.
  14. white65

    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon

    Do we have a time-frame on him announcing?
  15. white65

    '21 GA RB Cody Brown (Tennessee Commit)

    BOOM BOOM BOOM .............BOOM

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