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    No turning this program around.

    Im 44. The sec has never been as competitive as it is now. I dont see tennessee ever being able to get back to an elite level. I just dont see it.
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    No turning this program around.

    Guys this crap has been on a downward spiral since 2007. 12 years of misery with a few 9 win seasons in there. It's getting worse for our football program. I dont see any way this program is going to be back to where it used to be. I used to love tennessee football and was excited every year...
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    Pro Style Offense

    I can't wait to see our new Pro Style Offense. I hope it's a mix of run and pass. With a fullback blocking. It just didn't seem right with us running that spread crap the last few years. Hopefully it will get us back to our old identity where we used to control the line of scrimmage and run on...
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    *****National Signing Day 2018 at, LIVE at the commits sign

    Recruiting sucks this year. These guys better be able to coach
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    Butch Jones is a liar!

    Then what was 2003 and 2004. 10 wins back to back
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    Butch Jones is a liar!

    Because it's a lie and it demeans our program to make himself look good. The guy is a joke
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    Butch Jones is a liar!

    I don't know why he keeps telling the media that we hadn't won 9 games in 15 20 years. We won 10 games in 2007. I cant believe this guy!
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    WATCH: 5-star Georgia signee Cade Mays sings 'F--- Auburn, LSU and Tennessee, too'

    Legacy, From Knoxville, picks Georgia over Tennessee= Jerk Off
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    WATCH: 5-star Georgia signee Cade Mays sings 'F--- Auburn, LSU and Tennessee, too'

    The kid is a sellout and has no business calling himself a Tennessean. My god the kid is from Knoxville what a straight up traitor. If I was his dad I would be embarrassed.
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    Coordinator being hired for the new coach

    The new coach has already been hired. Fulmer is interviewing candidates for DC/OC. This has been the biggest smokescreen in modern sports history! Book it!
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    UT close to deal with Jeff Brohm

    F***ing Pituful!
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    If you do not want Morris/Steele...

    Fans will revolt again
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    Offering to double Gundys salary

    The source is Bleacher Report
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    Offering to double Gundys salary

    Wow. Just read that we are offering to double gundys salary from 4.2 mil to 8.4 mil. Thats what Im talking about if he turns us down he turns us down but thats what you have to do!
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    What happened to paying big money for a coach?

    Schiano was gonna make 3.5 mil. Wtf. Why will we not go out and spend big money on a coach? What were we top 1 or 2 in revenue last year. It doesn't make sense!
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    Give the job to Robert Gillespie

    He deserves it!
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    Please hire a Tennessee guy!

    After the debacle thay happened today and the last 3 coaches that didnt give a crap about Tennessee. Please fire Currie and appoint Blackburn AD. Go out and get Tee, Cooter, Rodgers, or Gruden to bring back some pride and confidence to this fan base. It's time!
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    Dan Wolken, USA Today- Schiano is the focus

    WTF this better not be true
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    The players quit this year

    The talent is there. No leadership and heart on this team
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    Please Tell Me Currie Is NOT in the Bahamas

    Hes already got our coach. No worries

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