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  1. Volfanatic_20

    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry

    Was thinking the same thing. No staff acknowledgment has me questioning this.
  2. Volfanatic_20

    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler

    Not sure how he would be showcased in Duke's offense any more than ours when they are more than likely going to sign as many, if not more top end players than we will.
  3. Volfanatic_20

    '21 NC DT Payton Page

    Will be shocked if he is not committed to us by 7/1/20.
  4. Volfanatic_20

    '21 NC DT Payton Page

    AP has built a great relationship with Page like he does with most recruits. He oddly mentioned on the Swain Event yesterday of how much Coach Duggs would love Page. He knows he is a Vol just a matter of time. Any chance he came over with Marley a few weeks ago and filmed his commitment video?
  5. Volfanatic_20

    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler

    Looks like a true floor general to me. Knows when to score and attack the rim but also gets teammates involved and feeds the floor. Former teammate Omari Thomas being on campus will help us land this kid.
  6. Volfanatic_20

    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee commit)

    I understand all of this but we are in deep with TID, Page, and Bell is clearly going to be a DL. Just wondering with the numbers crunch that is going to happen if this is one we may end up losing.
  7. Volfanatic_20

    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington (Tennessee commit)

    Potential git shirt? Offer list is really good but not ranked very high and flirting with Auburn a lot.
  8. Volfanatic_20

    '21 TN OLB Junior Colson (Michigan commit)

    Would love it if he gave a big FU to Michigan tomorrow.
  9. Volfanatic_20

    '21 NC OT Diego Pounds

    Probably the best thing Pruitt has done since becoming our coach is building the depth along the offensive line. Being able to redshirt the guys we bring in to mature, get stronger and smarter will pay dividends on us being able to sustain long term success. Obviously the super talented will...
  10. Volfanatic_20

    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    @Ron Swanson make sure to send a $9.99 invoice to bass each month for your info.

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