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  1. Freiwillige

    If they cancel 2020 season

    I wonder whether most force majeure clauses cover COVID-19. From the articles that I have read, courts will tend to interpret them narrowly. The Coronavirus and Force Majeure Clauses in Contracts I agree that no school would want to try to enforce a force majeure clause against a coach.
  2. Freiwillige

    Happy Easter, VolNation!

    Christus ist auferstanden! ("Christ is risen!" - auf Deutsch)
  3. Freiwillige

    Passing of former Vol great - Mike Stratton

    "On March 25, 2020, Stratton died from heart complications after a recent fall.[3]" (Wikipedia)
  4. Freiwillige

    Passing of former Vol great - Mike Stratton

    Mike Stratton - Wikipedia I had the pleasure of getting to meet Mike. A truly honorable and humble man.
  5. Freiwillige

    Oklahoma is beatable next season

    If Kansas State can beat them this year. Vols can beat them next year. It would mess them up significantly if Lincoln leaves unless they have an Assistant Coach that they can promote. Presumably not Grinch.
  6. Freiwillige

    We lost one of our own

    O merciful Father, look with pity on the sorrows of Larry's family. Remember them, O Lord, in mercy; nourish their souls; comfort them ; lift up your countenance upon them; and give them peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. ‚ÄČAmen.
  7. Freiwillige

    Zero proof that Vandy, USC, or UK

    At this point, I'm not expecting any wins in toss-up games. Sure, it could happen. After all, I could turn into a lion instead of just a cat. I look at it this way - The team has not shown an ability to win a close game for years. The other teams now have a history of...
  8. Freiwillige

    Mood of Vol Nation

    I think that most of us have lived long enough and seen enough of other peoples; lives to know that getting too upset about things that we cannot control and that do not really directly affect our lives is a recipe for a coronary, stroke, etc.
  9. Freiwillige

    Mad or just Sigh?

    It is not good to get mad. I can't help but care. It would be better to accept what cannot be changed.
  10. Freiwillige

    Its ok to admit it

    I will watch our games but will expect to lose. I won't be as disappointed when the expected happens. I will also watch other games. They are still entertainment. I do actually also care about the service academies and would like for them to do well.
  11. Freiwillige

    Remember when some of us wanted Les Miles?

    I guess with Les we would have success and not a mess. Yes, I confess that we could regress against the best of the rest.
  12. Freiwillige

    Path to a bowl game

    It is possible but very unlikely. I would expect 3 - 9. At this point, any more wins is gravy. We would have to improve much faster than several of our conference opponents. The opponents have good enough coaches to keep that from happening. We are starting a 1,000 yard race and the other...
  13. Freiwillige

    Other Historic Disasters Coach JP can Reference

    I'll cover all bases for the history majors out there. Loss to a lesser team. I give you the battle of Tanga. Battle of Tanga - Wikipedia Loss to a clearly superior team. Thermopylae! Battle of Thermopylae - Wikipedia
  14. Freiwillige

    Lock up the beer till a win

    I'll drink (water) to that!
  15. Freiwillige

    Why I don't think it matters if UT fires Pruitt

    Here are the choices: 1) Lower-level successful head coach (Dooley, Jones) 2) Coordinator for successful program (Pruitt) 3) Failed pro coach (Kiffin) 4) Successful Power Five Coach who failed in the pros (Schiano) 4) Successful Power Five Coach (not tried) Unless we hire a 5), we are...
  16. Freiwillige

    Who is your new team moving forward

    Vols are my favorite team. If you want to know who else I like, Army is my second-favorite. I wish they could have beaten Michigan today.
  17. Freiwillige

    The Official Tennessee vs. Brigham Young Game Thread, 7:00pm ET, ESPN

    Team tried. I'm not giving up until how they act or what they say shows that they have given up.
  18. Freiwillige

    The Official Tennessee vs. Brigham Young Game Thread, 7:00pm ET, ESPN

    Difficult to understand BYU why passed on third and short. Not impressed with their play calling at all.
  19. Freiwillige

    Return to Excellence

    I think that a buyout is necessary for recruiting - as long as a few P5 schools provide a big buyout, the other schools will need to provide a buyout.

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