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    SEC and others ask Congress for college athlete compensation laws

    Boosters and athletic departments have always paid players. Laws are useless unless enforced. Most just cover the ass of whatever group against lawsuits.
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    College Football HoF Severely Damaged by Atlanta Rioters

    as always two wrongs does not make a right
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    USC QB JT Daniels Enters Transfer Portal

    Vinny was scared to death. He should have been, Ken Donahue had the Vols teeing off on a tell.
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    What is the #1 trait a football player should have?

    Thread fail. Reminds me of the hornblower's butchisms.
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    Has a Tennessee QB ever caused as many internal fan arguments as JG?

    I remember Sanders overthrowing a wide open receiver in the end zone when we lost to Miss St in 1986. Maddest I have ever been at a Tennessee quarterback.
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    Another bad apple

    Perhaps you are correct. The haves consider cops their servants. The rest of us not so much.
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    Another bad apple

    All my life I have heard: Cops are too sorry to work Too lazy to steal Too stupid to sell insurance They become cops to carry a gun and badge Their dream is to kill a "perp" in a "righteous" shoot while on "the job"
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    Just Another Reason to Hate Bama

    bammers think rammer jammer is the best tradition in football It is the best example of bad sportsmanship in football
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    Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is So Legit....

    The bloodshot yellow eye in the peephole.
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    Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is So Legit....

    You get to buy the next two rounds. Two truly great Americans.
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    Memorial Day Thank You

    Today is Memorial Day not Veterans Day.
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    Swain event - 247 Barton Simmons

    I will bite Link??? Google is your friend?? or move to the recruiting forum???
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    2020 Presidential Race

    Blue or Red They are both in bed With the rich And we're their bitch So if you vote Please take note Two faces on the same head
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    Any chance of fall camp being extended?

    The team that makes the fewest mistakes wins.
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    Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is So Legit....

    If you grew up there you remember that the golf course floods. Still does. Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top. Won't grow on creek bottom land either.
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    Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is So Legit....

    Birdwell Spring, not much water comes out anymore
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    2020 Presidential Race

    Always remember It is not who votes that determines the winner those who count the votes determine the winner
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    Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is So Legit....

    I never even heard of anyone in Kentucky call their product Kentucky whiskey. Is that a real thing?
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    Peyton Manning's New Bourbon Is So Legit....

    I will look for some. Is it like Sweet Lucy?

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