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  1. Advol

    The future is here-

    WHO is Bailey??
  2. Advol

    "the Vols are back!"

    Filmer…….is our AD.:cool: And yes he has done a good job. Just shut up and be an AD. We don't need him to cheer and make any statement about the Vols being back. IF and when the VOLs are back it will show up on the field and NOT outta Filmers comments.
  3. Advol

    "the Vols are back!"

    The Vols are BACK...…………...get back to me on Sept 27th...….Filmer needs to quit playing Barry Alvarez and play AD.
  4. Advol

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Sorry for the oversimplification, butt why is it sooo hard to see! UT does not currently have the players. And until we start winning some recruiting battles, it AINT gonna get much better. We can discuss ALL the other stuff, but we need players!
  5. Advol

    Here's The College Football News Analysis Of The 2020 Tennessee Football Team

    10-2 to 5-7. Pretty safe bet?? A season without any Ga State surprises and being competitive would be nice. A little more organization from Staff, players going to class and working and staying out of trouble. All bench marks of we are on our way! But I would NOT say UT Football is BACK yet!!
  6. Advol

    Long term dominance.....

    BLah Blah Blah UT, FSU, THE U, Nebraska, et. all want to remind of the Good Ol Daze. Sorry, but that Does NOT Matter We are fighting for Recruits that were NOT Born in 98! I was there - celebrated and would like to attend another one! But sadly being in my 70s. probably not gonna happen. But...
  7. Advol

    Worst basketball team since

    SO, does this mean we are NOT a Basketball School???
  8. Advol

    Maurer? Portal bound?

    WHO is Maurer??
  9. Advol

    Titans going to AFC championship

    Defense WINS championships!! Duh! Two supposed great QBs in a row will agree with that!!
  10. Advol


    MY selection is WHO cares...…….' Give me an OL and a Defense...… is amazing how good that makes a QB and RB look good. Waaay too much time spent worrying about the QB
  11. Advol

    Please Saints.............

    Yes Yes Yes...…………...Bridgewater would have won!!!!!
  12. Advol

    Please Saints.............

    Breeeezy still have time to BLOW it!!! Come on Drew...……...u can blow it!!
  13. Advol

    Why the surprise....this game

    Good Recruits...…….(Not necessary 4-5Stars) and Coaching will improve improve improve this team. But let us NOT get crazy....…..we aint BACK (whatever that means) Yet!
  14. Advol

    Please Saints.............

    LOSE I hate hate hate Drew Windbag Breeze. He makes it all about him...…………..Bridgewater showed the W without him. I hope his fumble cost him this game....
  15. Advol

    Why the surprise....this game

    Mirrored this entire season. QB changes. Bad play calling, Commotion. Ups and Downs. Stupid penalties. Couple of great plays and W. Looked like this ALL season. A W is a W. Get the recruits on campus, stay out of trouble and go to work. We beat Oklahoma in Sept!!
  16. Advol

    Go Michigan and go Baylor. Dont care if Auburn wins or not

    I want Augburn and Bammer both to lose!!
  17. Advol

    Gruden says he never considered coaching at Tennessee

    Didn't consider the UT job.....DUH....Shocking
  18. Advol

    Will Kiffin try to come after Tee Martin?

    Would Kiffie and Tee be a good match???

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