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  1. SmokeyDaBear

    '21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis (Tennessee Commit)

    Haha these guys are just screwing with Twitter-verse and getting reactions.
  2. SmokeyDaBear

    '21 NJ DT Tywone Malone

    Holy smokes! 300 pounder that can move around the baseball diamond well enough to draw college and pro attention....I want this guy in 🍊
  3. SmokeyDaBear

    '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Georgia commit)

    JG will be best bet again due to lack of an off-season. No time to get others up and running on the playbook. Plus physically he will be more ready. Hopefully with our OL we can run the ball much more effectively.
  4. SmokeyDaBear

    Would Pruitt replace Saban?

    Pruitt wins the SEC and goes to the playoffs in the next 3 years, he is going to be a top candidate. He's a Bama player from Alabama who also coached most of his career, high school and college, in ALABAMA! He ain't scared of the pressure. He would also have confidence by then from winning HERE...
  5. SmokeyDaBear

    Who’s next?

    Seems like a troll job to me.
  6. SmokeyDaBear

    '21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis (Tennessee Commit) Pruitt to the rest of the SEC after stealing top players out of FL and Bama....
  7. SmokeyDaBear

    '21 FL ILB Terrence Lewis (Tennessee Commit)

    I’m soooooo excited!!!!!
  8. SmokeyDaBear

    Did you like Vol Pass for TN games?

    Appreciate the feedback! I am likely getting two this year. I was worried that the seats wouldn’t be very good.
  9. SmokeyDaBear

    Did you like Vol Pass for TN games?

    Hey folks, assuming we have a football season. I was wondering if anyone used Vol Pass last year and what the experience was? We lucked out and got lots of free tickets after the opening stinkers. This year I may get Vol Pass. If you don’t know Vol Pass is supposed to be like a cheaper season...
  10. SmokeyDaBear

    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Dylan Brooks just committed and y’all turning this into Home Depot.....stop it. BOOOOOM! Do we think this kid is a high character non-flipping kid? I don’t see him being an attention seeker and that’s usually a red flag.
  11. SmokeyDaBear

    '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Georgia commit)

    I just want to score touchdowns in the red zone again. The most frustrating part of the last two years is that we can get it there and can’t score. To a point where it’s just unbelievable.
  12. SmokeyDaBear

    The moment or game you were hooked

    1995 South Carolina at Neyland. My first game and my dad took me to see them play, my uncle played for UT for two years and his best friend was a starter when they won the National Title in 99. So cheering for him was something I remember every Saturday. But 95 was it when I saw Neyland for the...
  13. SmokeyDaBear

    What actually happens on official visits at Tennessee?

    No worries David, I have used the free trial. I honestly think you are one of the best outlets and you personally are an Ace writer. I really enjoy your articles and agree it is the most in-depth as well as substantive work around. Really enjoy your work. Just don’t want another subscription to...

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