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    Cimaglia deserves credit

    None of our 4th quarter heroics mean anything if Cimaglia doesn’t nail 3 field goals to keep us close enough to come back. He should be getting more credit than he has.
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    The 3 good and bad of UT Men’s Basketball currently

    Our primary issue is, too many trips down the floor with no points. So many missed layups and high percentage shots in the paint. Not to mention missed 3s. We had a 7 minute scoreless span in the FS game that killed us. We make 1/4 of our missed shots, we win going away.
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    Expecting to Win

    Now that’s just creepy right there.
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    Shy Tuttle INT and EPIC stiff arm of Matt Ryan

    Shy Tuttle just made a sick pick for the Saints. Get some Shy!
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    Last game of the season to be played, do you think Phil Fulmer knew what he was doing hiring Pruitt now?

    I judge a coach based partly on the assistants they hire. Pruitt has hired some of the best assistant coaches available and focused on player development. The Cheney hire was genius. Bringing Tee home was crucial to establishing a winning culture. We are winning games we couldn’t win the...
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    JG is now your starting QB ... he has earned it

    He won the game for us. Maurer wasn’t gonna get it done. Looked shell shocked. Ok with me if JG starts at Mizzou.
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    A Super Bowl 1 type pregame, Game, Post Game..

    Start gett’n ready for dad gum Kentucky!
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    A thread for the delusional optimists among us....

    All bets are off when the Fireball comes out! Go Vols, beat Bama!
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    What do you want to see against UGA?

    It would be nice to make some progress in the run game, and score if we happen to get inside the 5. Too many passes yesterday.
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    Let’s Be Realistic

    F#&k realistic. Go Vols!
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    Helton Staying Put [outdated]

    Helton has played an important role in our incoming class of players. Unless he leaves on his own, it would be unwise to fire him.
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    The QB Debate - post South Carolina (merged)

    He’s a talented QB, but has no sense of what is happening around him. He doesn’t anticipate pressure from behind. Always scrambles too late.
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    Pruitt on Banks at linebacker: 'I think he could play this week.'

    We need faster players on D. Banks is fast and plays with a chip on hid shoulder. This is a good move.
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    I think Ty Chandler is ...

    Putting on his pads every Saturday and running his a$$ off.
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    Tennessee Defense

    Nice to see extended drives on offense giving the D a rest. Makes all the difference.
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    That was a signature win

    Why over analyze this? We beat Auburn!!!!! Go Vols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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