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  1. StuckinBama

    If they cancel 2020 season

    Coaches will just need to simply visit any ATM at their nearest participating Pilot Flying J location and, using the keypad, enter “Severence” & their desired amount. Lyle loves it, & Nick raves about the quality and consistency of the coffee! No need any for any new processes or undo...
  2. StuckinBama

    OU fan previews UT/OU

    😂 Just staying true to the mission of the moment.✊
  3. StuckinBama

    OU fan previews UT/OU

    OU fan breaks down the, hopeful, upcoming matchup. Go Vols! #FlattenTheCurve Apologies & please delete if previously posted... Go Vols!
  4. StuckinBama

    Season wrap up thoughts

  5. StuckinBama

    Why Not?

    Haha! As a proud member of this esteemed forum who was also recently suggested to have skipped a dosage by a fellow member..😂 I’d like to propose a toast 🍻 to @WoodsmanVol. ...and a potential trade offer. 😎👍 GoVols!
  6. StuckinBama

    Plavsic Cleared?!

    Epic!!!! 🙌
  7. StuckinBama


    Ne’er was any intended to be derogatory towards our stud freshman Master Pember who most assuredly will learn and grow with Barnes and experience.. On the contrary, he’s a helluva an asset and probably an even better guy! ....I can definitely see that I’ll be getting lambasted either way, but...
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  9. StuckinBama


    Keeping it fresh? 😁
  10. StuckinBama


    Dude’s got talent with a very minimal ceiling, but as my HS coach would say, “He’s Soft”. Master Drew is a wee bit timid of the touch, not a girly man, but a full metal jacket “towel treatment” from Fulky and friends would assuredly ensure his readiness and capabilities before tourney play...
  11. StuckinBama

    Weak Leadership = Weak Team

    For HOT Diggity, We found our arts of science major, @CladInOrange “Hooked on phonics, worked for me” We’re all glad you just got hired by grammarly. Anywho’s, As you were @CA_Vol, you nailed it. Early on in the game, quickly became a gift of anopportunity to bag a big win in the eyes of...
  12. StuckinBama

    Bryce Thompson available to play

    Per Simonton.🙌
  13. StuckinBama

    Not Understanding the Dooley Love

    I immediately questioned the legitimacy of this thread.. then I read the third one down from the beginning, and it should have ended there! Dooley (whether or not he is the second coming or not) did what he needed to do this season by allowing the older "more experienced" gentleman to have his...
  14. StuckinBama

    Justin Worley on ESPNU now

    true words.
  15. StuckinBama

    Justin Worley on ESPNU now

    maybe the Rivals "stars" committee will meet and deem today's performance worthy of another shiny star..
  16. StuckinBama

    Oxford (Ala.) High School has got a pretty unbelievable group of 2012 kids

    Uh oh. Calhoun County getting some love on Volnation.
  17. StuckinBama

    Tennessee vs Kentucky Game Thread - 9:00 EST - ESPN

    Take Steven Pearl out! He is no offensive threat which allows them two have more helpside defense!! say no to pearl jr.
  18. StuckinBama

    You all have the emotional stability of a 15 year old girl.

    +1.. Though, I'm slightly concerned that every team we face the rest of the year is going sit in a fat 2-3 zone.:hmm: (This will be a bad situation)
  19. StuckinBama

    '10 GA ATH Da'Rick Rogers

    Nance's dad is such a.. Vol block
  20. StuckinBama

    Pearl calls out Vol fans

    I was there, but I also live there. I sat in the bama student was glorious! Go vols! got to meet the team and coach Pearl! Posted via VolNation Mobile

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