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  1. Aerie Vol

    Vols go Dancing!

    No, not the BasketVols! March Madness is cancelled. I'm talking about December Madness. The Football Dance. Vols are a #5 seed! ESPN did a mock 64-team basketball-style tournament but with projections for the 2020 football season. Sorry, way too late and I'm way too tired to link to the...
  2. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    I wish you luck in your future endeavors, sir. Thank you for your time in responding to my posts. This will be my last response here. You posted "the remaining 364 would have a death rate similar." That is precisely what I accused you of saying. You cannot scientifically say that. The two...
  3. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    Math. Teacher. That would be my title. I understand statistics. Did you seriously just compare the coronavirus to bets on sports or scratch off tickets? Your entire line of reasoning presupposes there is an equal chance the "non-outcomed" sicknesses will produce deaths as compared to the...
  4. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    Ah, If I misinterpreted your response, I offer my apologies. I'm used to being attacked for my line of thinking, so I may have been trigger happy to see your statement in another light. I seem to be in complete agreement with what you posted here. This panic is the worst thing I believe I've...
  5. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    I can hardly fathom the mental gymnastics required to reach the conclusions you post above. 700 people sick, 7 dead. A pre-algebra seventh grader knows that is a 1% rate. However, you seem confident it's a good idea to only consider those "dead or healed" as the sample size. Therefore 2.1% of...
  6. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    Please refute the numbers I "pulled out of thin air." Do you deny 700 is a correct (rounded) number of people who contracted Coronavirus on the Diamond Princess? Do you deny 7 is the number who died? Do you deny 25 (estimate) of the 30 Americans who died were residents of a nursing home? What...
  7. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    Could you please source from whence you got the "doubling every 4 days" statistic? states there were 106000 on March 7 and on March 11 (4 days later) there were 126000. Now, I'm unhappy there was an increase of 20K in 4 days, but that is in no way a doubling. Four days...
  8. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    In exactly what way are the numbers you described as "better," better? Because they come complete with a big shiny map of red circles? Because they fit your narrative more correctly? How are they more complete than the worlds largest, most secure, Coronavirus test environment, also known as the...
  9. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Is anyone even paying attention? 25 of the 30 were in an elderly care facility. So of 950 "normalish folk" who became infected, at most 5 died (I say at most because I don't know if all five were normal or if some were immuno-compromised.) That's way less than 3%. It's...
  10. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    Let me drop another truth bomb here. This is a truth that almost no one, short of macro-economists and those who pay attention in economics class, knows. People will literally DIE because March Madness is played to empty stadiums. People will DIE because the NBA season is cancelled. "You...
  11. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    I have no idea what is going on in China now, nor do I think we have an accurate picture of what has ever been going there throughout this process. They have complete control of their media. I further don't fully understand the extent of what is going on in Italy. But those things are...
  12. Aerie Vol

    UT cancels classes

    Tl;dr: Absolute hysteria is afoot. "It's much more contagious than flu!" Really? We know this how? What data shows this? Here's my data: 3500 humans were stuck on a cruise ship with each other for well over 2 weeks. 700 of them contracted Coronavirus. That's one out of 5 for those in low math...
  13. Aerie Vol

    Barnes vs. Kentucky at Tennessee

    Wait. Are you the real Greg Amsler? Or is he just your hero? I'll never forget him hurdling that defender. Which was really shocking, because he much preferred to simply run them over and keep going.
  14. Aerie Vol

    Help ESPN Rewrite This Headline So That it Isn’t Unnecessarily Insulting to Both Teams

    130-0? Not on Rick Barnes' watch. Vols Target, Destroy Streak
  15. Aerie Vol


    I refuse to eat the Orange M&M's. (I assure you my family would run screaming to the police!)
  16. Aerie Vol

    A Theory about JG

    Yeah, that's what I see.
  17. Aerie Vol

    Tennessee football, a look back at 2019 (video)

    You must have taken a couple of those.
  18. Aerie Vol

    Trey Smith ready to 'maul the hell out of people' with Cade Mays

    Yes I really believe Smart has zero impact on the decision.
  19. Aerie Vol

    Trey Smith ready to 'maul the hell out of people' with Cade Mays

    Welcome to 2020 and the Transfer Portal. Your entire statement is from 2015. Smart can set down and shut up because he no longer has a say. NCAA or bust. They say yes, it's game on.
  20. Aerie Vol

    Mays Bros. - Sullins Bros

    One of these things is not like the other.

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