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  1. iKrager

    Barnes: Fulkerson nowhere near peak of his potential

    People were hating on Fulkerson SO HARD last summer. He shut those haters up.
  2. iKrager

    Jalen Johnson enters transfer portal

    Damn. I always thought Jalen had a lot of potential but got in his own head too often. You could tell he wasn’t really comfortable until maybe mid-way through the season being on the court getting significant PT.
  3. iKrager

    Favorite memory of 2019-2020 Season? (Besides beating Kentucky)

    What are they for you all? Personally, I LOVED when we beat VCU on a last second buzzer beater 3 by Lamonte! It was one of his last “big moments” for us.
  4. iKrager

    '20 VA C Dylan Cardwell

    This is true. He was hating on Fulkerson, hard.
  5. iKrager

    Yves Pons, SEC Defensive Player of the Year?

    you wouldn’t have said that last year. Pons took a huge step forward over the year, I think Pons has some of the most upside out of anyone in the SEC.
  6. iKrager

    What Barnes wants from Nkamhoua, Plavsic

    Do you remember Kyle Alexander his first year?? Talk about deer in headlights
  7. iKrager

    Disappointing in Uros so far. Though he would be a better force in the paint.

    Does anyone remember Kyle Alexander’s first two years?? Or even most of his junior year? Guys, Barnes’ can develop players. Uros is definitely a system guy. I see the potential. He was very aggressive against MI St. Give the man time. If he was already really skilled as a 7 footer, he’d be...
  8. iKrager

    Get Barnes any players

    Nah man, we have diamonds this year. The difference being, Schofield and Williams needed time to polish. Just like our current roster. Pons = year 3 he’s been a beast Vescovi = beast JJJ = will keep getting better Fulkerson = has gotten waaay better and will have a breakout senior year The...
  9. iKrager

    Hello Zone

    We’ve ran 2-3 zone and some matchup at different points in the season! Maybe we’ll see it again!
  10. iKrager

    Plavsic Cleared?!

  11. iKrager

    South Carolina Postgame Report

    To be fair, a LOT of looks were easy, and sometimes wide-open due to South Carolina’s horrid defense and we still missed them? Remember when Fulkerson missed an easy bunny-layup? Yeah, he’s on scholarship folks. Jalen Johnson and Ives Pons had copious amounts of wide open shots and neither...
  12. iKrager

    Yves Pons is the most consistent scorer on the team

    Good thread man, I always thought Yves had potential as well! Over the summer people were trashing him over his low stats in limited usage in the French league. I definitely know where you’re coming from.
  13. iKrager

    Imagine if Bone + Williams stayed for senior years

    Imagine.. What would our season look like?
  14. iKrager

    Santiago Vescovi

    And not all of them are ready to play Day 1 or even year 1. Plenty of examples of them not panning out.
  15. iKrager

    Where’s Jalen Johnson?

    No one has said this, but it’s evident watching Barnes’ teams. Only players I can recall attacking the basket have been Ives Pons (except this season), Turner and sometimes Bone. We settle way too often for jumpers or throwing to a big man (this year Fulk). Now Fulkerson gets doubled and we...
  16. iKrager

    Lamonte Turner out for the season

    Pretty sure you can be granted a 6th year if you played in less than 10 games.
  17. iKrager

    Where’s Jalen Johnson?

    I don’t think that’s exactly it. He has tools offensively, but as another poster said, I think he is snakebitten and is scared to make a mistake.. The dude can absolutely stroke the ball. Its also a common theme of Barnes teams that he doesn’t like guards and forwards slashing at the basket...
  18. iKrager

    Where’s Jalen Johnson?

    Whats going on with him? He seems like he’s in the dog house.. Even when he gets on the floor, all coach wants from him is to play D and shoot 3s.. I remember watching his highlights thinking he was going to be a great slasher (taking it to the hoop ;)). He shoots the ball well, has a crazy...

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