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    '21 MD QB Christian Veilleux

    is this "board" available to the public? I've always heard about it but never seen it.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Got my numbers from the Fox News rolling count. "Deaths in Last 24 hrs" was 21 when I saw it. My point is that just as Trump said, we don't want the cure to be worse than the ailment. We can't just let the economy go into depression. There is a happy medium somewhere.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Just noticed today after watching Fox, we have a suicide rate of about 120 per day dying from suicide. CV deaths yesterday was 21. If the economy tanks much worse, our suicide rate will really skyrocket. More suicides than death from CV. That's not good. Open the economy back up with some...
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Would be a good take while we train our big man Plavsic how to play without fouling.
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    Yeah, my bro in Texas calls me an ostrich (keeping my head in the sand). Said I should have seen this coming. He is a prepper. I only keep about 2 weeks or so provisions on hand. I just call him selfish because he has years worth of goods, masks, hardware, etc.
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    OU fan previews UT/OU

    I think we play respectable, JG shows just enough to keep his job but we lose 24-20. Close but no cigar. Our linebacking is still not where it needs to be and will hurt us until the youngsters have 4-5 games under their belt.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    For those of us retired, I am not happy being the target of this virus and my retirement savings are being gutted. I am very sorry, however, for those of you losing your income through this unemployment situation and the economy tanking. We are all in this together. Hopefully this will be...
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    Harrison Bailey vid

    Easy to shoot tin cans off a fence. How do you do when someone is shooting back at you? John Wayne
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Sorry, That was Evan Pryor.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    committed to OSU?
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    ESPN Programming

    I did enjoy watching the UT/Bama game last night. Like watching a movie for the second time, you see things that go unnoticed the first time. The refs looked worse the second time around. I swear it did look like the refs were intentionally targeting UT. It was almost comical watching one...
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    Lack of spring practice could benefit Vols vs Oklahoma

    If spring camp is totally taken away, it almost assures JG to be the unquestioned starter from day 1. Maybe that will start some discussion today.
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    Best Athlete to ever play at UT

    Probably Cafego and Hacksaw could be in the discussion. More modern times I would say Willie Gault
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    SEC Tournament Cancelled

    confirmed cases are going to skyrocket over next 30 days in USA because we are just now starting to get testing kits widely distributed. the hysteria in US is not over yet.
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    '20 Grad Transfer RB Trey Sermon

    maybe the drug suspension had some merit.
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    UT cancels classes

    Even if mortality rate is 4%, expected corona cases of 50,000 gives deaths at 2,000. MUCH lower than annual flu deaths each year averaging 17,000.
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    UT cancels classes

    I think you are misapplying these statistics. We have millions of flu cases each year. We will not have millions of corona cases. Even if the mortality rate is twice that of flu, if you have 50,000 cases of corona, the fatalities are still much lower than the flu cases. Corona cases 50,000...
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    UT cancels classes

    According to the media, China is showing leveling off and even reduction in cases. Hopefully the worst is over. The steps put in place by the US in limiting visitors here is hopefully going to minimize the impact here. If China is in fact past the worst, hopefully the worse will be over within...
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    CBI just cancelled their tournament.

    Yes you are correct in this. However you have exaggerated the stats. We average in the US alone over 15,000 flu deaths every year. Worldwide flu deaths are in hundreds of thousands each year. Mortality rate is not 20 x that of flu. It's like 1.2 compared to .7 which is less than twice that...

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