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  1. SoMissVol

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    So with Jalen Johnson transferring (God speed, young man), this would open the door for Cisse to reclassify and join the 2020 class. Reckon is happens?
  2. SoMissVol

    Spring Practice Thread #1 Tuesday 3/10/20

    Inject it into my veins.
  3. SoMissVol

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    So. Did he go to Florida this weekend?
  4. SoMissVol

    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    So. How we feeling here? 😂
  5. SoMissVol

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    RIP. That thread was magical.
  6. SoMissVol

    '21 TN TE Jake Briningstool (Clemson commit)

    Never too late to start.
  7. SoMissVol

    '21 TN TE Jake Briningstool (Clemson commit)

    It’s January. Plenty of time to get back in it.
  8. SoMissVol

    Best Available or Position Specific

    Hardy Beckwith Best available.
  9. SoMissVol

    '21 TN OL Eli Sutton

    Dude sounds committed already from that article.
  10. SoMissVol

    '20 TN ATH Reggie Grimes (Oklahoma commit)

    Getting Bama picks...
  11. SoMissVol

    Coaching Turnover

    Dude, I’m a sunshine pumper. I’m just asking a question lol. It’s probably going to happen, I was just curious what people thought about it. But excuse me for trying to spark discussion and gain some insight.
  12. SoMissVol

    Coaching Turnover

    I don’t think it is a “this staff bails” but more of a “UT moves on” from a few.
  13. SoMissVol

    Coaching Turnover

    At season’s end, there is bound the be turnover in the coaching staff. Sherrer, Johnson, and Rocker have expiring contracts (I think), Tee probably tries to get an OC job, Neidermeyer will undoubtedly need another raise and maybe a promotion. Not sure what Rumph’s situation is. The only safe...
  14. SoMissVol

    '20 GA ILB Desmond Tisdol (Auburn commit)

  15. SoMissVol

    '20 TX OT Ty'Kieast Crawford

    We need two tackles. Let’s eat A&M’s lunch and get him and Morris.
  16. SoMissVol

    Thank you JG

    Proud of this young man! Congratulations, JG!
  17. SoMissVol

    '20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron (UT SIGNEE)

    Made it in, per his Twitter.
  18. SoMissVol

    '20 TN LB Bryson Eason (UT SIGNEE)

    This trio has to see how easy it’s going to be to come in and play. Bituli and Taylor graduate and Johnson (I bet) transfers. We’re returning one of four starters. Come play early, gentlemen.

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