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  1. The Tall Gguy

    UT should sell decorative checkerboard or Power T masks.

    Here is one my wife made.
  2. The Tall Gguy

    Freak, a request......

    Bucket of Lightbulbs = A Legend
  3. The Tall Gguy

    CBI just cancelled their tournament.

    Vaccines. How good are the flu vaccines working? Besides many of you all wouldn't take the vaccine anyway. Note:. I am pro vaccines, but flu vac jus doesn't seem to work.
  4. The Tall Gguy

    Will The Men's SEC Tournament Be Moved?

    I thought he meant because of corona virus
  5. The Tall Gguy

    Kentucky Game

    He can be great...just inconsistent now.
  6. The Tall Gguy

    Season wrap up thoughts

    Our boys better figure out how to make "thre's" or we won't be going any further than a game or 2 in SEC tournament
  7. The Tall Gguy

    How long before VN goes loco??

    Next you're going to tell me Herbstreit is a bit biased toward an Ohio State
  8. The Tall Gguy

    Kickoff Chant/Cheer

    I hear "Smokey's on the prowl" is available.
  9. The Tall Gguy

    10 Years Without Incident

  10. The Tall Gguy

    2019 Expectations in Retrospect

    I looked back and predicted 6-6, but I also accurately predicted lightbulbs were in danger this season
  11. The Tall Gguy

    How much football experience do you have?

    All world on NCAA Football on PS2 using Purdue mostly
  12. The Tall Gguy

    Great Comeback year 2019!

    8-5 was do much better than my prediction for the year... especially after game 2.
  13. The Tall Gguy

    Game announcers

    At least they didn't say "wrinkle" a hundred times
  14. The Tall Gguy

    I didn't get to watch the game

    If he had been holding a bucket of lightbulbs...
  15. The Tall Gguy

    A win is a win

    I'm just happy I got a new great Avatar
  16. The Tall Gguy

    I didn't get to watch the game

    Check out my Avatar
  17. The Tall Gguy

    I’m sorry....

    This guy made me believe
  18. The Tall Gguy

    I didn't get to watch the game

    It was ugly but we never gave up. I give most credit to the bearded yelling fan they put on TV.

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