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    Little bro showin' out!

    I'm signed up for ESPN notifications on various sports highlights and was just sent a video of an E.J. Anoiske from Sacred Heart University throwing down a monster jam. So of course I wondered if he was related to our Nicky and sure enough, he's her little bro! If folks have a chance, look for...
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    Does anyone have a good website they use to look at the SEC Tourney bracket? Do we know where the LVs are lined up and when they play?
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    Any baby news?

    Shana Zolman and Sid Spencer were expecting babies. Anyone know if either has delivered yet?
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    I think Jaz does a good job for the situation she was given. I just wish she would be a bit more offense-minded.
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Regardless of what Kellie tells them at halftime, the players need to take it upon themselves and show some pride on the court this half. They can do better than that!
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    We'll know how good they really are when they play UConn. Geno always seems to have Dawn's number.
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Dawn always has a Tennessee connection on her bench.
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Her passes are careless and she just slings the ball.
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Lol...... I'm with ya, Coach. I can't believe how badly we are playing.
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    They can at least play competitive...geesh. They look scared.
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Playing way to casual. Looking like we are intimidated. Kellie needs to light a fire. C'mon......
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    Lady Vols 24 "Turnovers" - 3 Quarters

    Needs to be repercussions for turnovers. The amount should be going down, not up, at this point in the season. No excuse also for upperclassmen making so many mistakes.
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    Game Thread: #24/25 TENNESSEE VS. ALABAMA

    Love this graphic, Coach Jumper, especially the trend box in the upper right corner. Where can you get this?
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    Ol' Geno doubles down on bashing Tennessee, Fulmer, so on, so forth.

    I'll Seriously, your schedule comments are true. I like that the team has measuring sticks before the start of conference play to evaluate where they stand at the midpoint of the season. The Texas game, as you said, should be a win, especially since there will be a huge crowd and...
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    Holly responds to Geno...

    I think you bring up a big point in this situation. Aside from the initial issue of the transfer, Geno is also trying to make it look like the Lady Vol program has some question marks in dealing with players. This tactic is directed at future recruits. Geno might not be concerned with...
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    Holly responds to Geno...

    Not sure if this needs to have it's own thread or combined with another, but Mechelle Voepel has written an article about the situation with Geno/Westbrooke which contains comments from Holly. It's at ESPN, of course.
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    Did it happen in practice?
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    Evina denied

    I hope that wasn't the case. Hatchell was accused of this on a larger scale at North Carolina and was fired.
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    Evina denied

    Geno is imply that Evina was involved in a bad situation at Tennessee, that the program was doing something wrong in connection to her. Does anyone know what he is specifically referring to? It is making the program look like there was something unethical going on.
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols V Carson Newman

    I don't mind waiting as long as there is improvement throughout the course of the season.

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