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  1. CR-vol

    RIP Woody Widenhofer

    That is a cool story. I remember reading an article somewhere years ago that he worked in a toll booth down there for a while and was recognized by many of the SEC fans on their way to the beach. It mentions on wiki that he said he didn't have anything to do at the time and he just liked...
  2. CR-vol

    Vol retro logo madness

    Power T will always be #1 badass imo but it not being on the list I'll go with 2, 5, 1 and 6 in that order.
  3. CR-vol

    Thank God its not Football season!

    If any of you thinks this could not possibly extend into football season you're dreaming. The 1918 epidemic went on unrelenting for 3 years but hopefully all the skeptics here in 2020 are proven right.
  4. CR-vol

    UT cancels classes

    Interesting theory, we all had that in my household during Thanksgiving and did not test positive for the flu. Couldn't go hang with family which was a bummer but we were miserable for 2 whole weeks.
  5. CR-vol

    UT cancels classes

    If this spreads like the Spanish Flu of 1918 everyone on this message board will personally know of friends and family who died. If not, then the precautions were a bunch of overblown hype. Hindsight is always 20/20. It's smart to take precautions. I read an article Redirect Notice that said...
  6. CR-vol

    Stock Market Jeeters vs Tennessee Football fallout (Corona Crash).

    Your guess is as good as mine. West coast ports are basically at a standstill right now and been that way for weeks. Transport companies out there are laying off people in droves. That's not normal, far from it. Regardless if this turns out as bad as the Spanish flu or not it's wreaking havoc...
  7. CR-vol

    Stock Market Jeeters vs Tennessee Football fallout (Corona Crash).

    If it spreads like Spanish flu did it'll last for 2 or 3 years and kill tens of millions. That's way worse than the ordinary flu. And the numbers out there now are totally unreliable. You cant trust any numbers from China and it's not really different with our own info here.
  8. CR-vol

    Stock Market Jeeters vs Tennessee Football fallout (Corona Crash).

    Stocks are a huge bubble long overdue for a pop. Real estate seems like it's about the same, at least in my area.
  9. CR-vol

    Top 25 Future QBs according to Rittenburg

    Some of you guys mad thinking that Tennessee got dissed can't seem to grasp the fact that we have no recent track record developing QB's whereas Oklahoma and probably every one of those other schools are miles and some cases light years ahead of us in that category. We're rebuilding. What...
  10. CR-vol

    Top 25 Future QBs according to Rittenburg

    This stuff is better than preseason rankings. I know for sure we're world class in all paper tiger categories but I'm guessing we probably need to actually develop a good QB before we can be considered for this particular top 25 ranking?
  11. CR-vol

    Are all Middle TN posters okay?

    I had an out of state friend text me this the night before showing 1" or greater hail being likely so I figured tornadoes were a strong possibility. Luckily it missed us. It's that time of year where it's warm one day and cool the next which are perfect circumstances for bad storms.
  12. CR-vol

    What actually happens on official visits at Tennessee?

    They have the cheapskate option that I take. Download their app and get a limited amount of free articles every month.
  13. CR-vol

    Spencer Rattler

    Ok well I'm glad you're confident and I really want to win in Oklahoma too. I think we will even though nothing in recent history against better teams suggests that we actually will. Even the fact that we'll be facing a green rookie.
  14. CR-vol

    Tennessee Vols artificial turf from 1993

    Not much there's probably a gazillion pieces of that out there.
  15. CR-vol

    Spencer Rattler

    Hey I've already got this one down as a W but I know deep down that green freshman and backups usually end up looking like all Americans against us. I think we've turned that page and I think we're gonna shock the world twice next season but I'm desperate to see that happen and to see us...
  16. CR-vol

    Spencer Rattler

    Jake Bentley embarrassed us in only his second start. Just throwing that out there.
  17. CR-vol

    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    No I didn't man it's just the internet we're on the same team here. I REALLY hope this is another chink in the armor and they ARE declining. I will enjoy that much as they have the past 13 years. Their time is coming soon! If Cochran doesn't pan out for Kirby that will make the whole thing...
  18. CR-vol

    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    I'm just commenting on what seems to be prevailing sentiment on their boards. Some comments say that on average players across the board are getting smaller than they were in years past because today's game puts a premium on speed. I'm sure they're just trying to convince themselves it's no...
  19. CR-vol

    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    Reading one of their forums it doesnt sound like Saban made any effort to keep him. They did have a lot of injuries last year so maybe not as big of a loss as people are making it out to be and they're already talking to the Oregon S&C coach. Georgia fans think they've won a superbowl hahaha!!
  20. CR-vol

    Taulia Tagovailoa possibly transferring? (RUMOR)

    That's his recruitment thread in the recruiting forum. If you skip to the end it does have recent posts in it from a week or so ago but you're right it doesn't have exactly what he was asking for. I saw the thread where guys were talking about Taulia possibly hitting the transfer portal a...

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