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    SEC Commissioner on spring practice

    This is my opinion based on what I have read from International doctors. It is not a fact, but I believe this Covid-19 personal distancing protocol will last 12 months, thus the 2020 football season is kaput... will not happen. America, as we know it has changed for years to come.
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    Vols surging with critical recruiting season coming

    We need only a few good men, just like the Marines.
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    What Other Message Boards are Saying-Mizzou Edition

    Just to note, we don't have to beat the forum posters, but the football team that shows up on Saturday. Being College football, you can never be sure until the game.
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    Your impressions about Mizzou

    Hate to say it, but I think this game is a loss for the Vols. Hope I am wrong.
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    Game Day — > Pregame plans

    Alcoholic beverages are not recommended.
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    Who Will Score The First Tennessee Touchdown Against Kentucky?

    Who Will Score The First Tennessee Touchdown Against Kentucky? Don't have a clue.
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    Potential of Stoops to FSU a distraction for Cats?

    Maybe not, but a Florida sports writer on Feinbaum just said he is the kind of coach FL State needs.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. UAB Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPNU

    That isn't nearly enough money to ask that question.
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    If we go 8-5 this season would be.....

    More tough games to play before even thinking about this. First I want to see them maintain the intensity they have shown in the last few games till the end of the season. CJP had the right statement, " we haven't done anything yet"
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    JG to be ready for UAB

    This "JG must have something on Pruitt " is just ridiculous.
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    BJ Ojulari decommits

    Forget him. Move on.
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    Maurer doubtful for Saturday

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    Maurer doubtful for Saturday

    Yeah, just like Gruden is coming to coach:eek:
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    Pruitt says ones of JG's better games.

    LOL, what a poignant description
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    Bama’s light show was about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

    Maybe the lights were better in person than on TV. On TV I didn't like them.
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    Bench JG for rest of season! [JG drama, merged]

    Of course, but don't call him a loser. When you look at the overall record this team is not yet a winner. things are getting better, but remember, JG helped us beat MS and with the exception of the goal line play, JG played okay against Alabama. His play gave us a chance against Alabama and he...
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    Bench JG for rest of season! [JG drama, merged]

    JG needs the respect of ALL on VN. He is broken giving his all for the brand we love. All the hits he has taken over the last couple of years has taken a toll we can never measure.. All of those hits we claim he is tough, well yes, but it has taken a toll on this player and we need to give him...
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    Relax. Maurer may not be hurt at all.

    I believe you.

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