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  1. SpookyAction

    Jonathan Kongbo signs with 49ers

    He is hustler. I hope he makes a spot for himself and shows everything he has to give. I liked him once it became clear he was a hard worker. Misused (like the whole defense) until his senior season.
  2. SpookyAction

    Casey Pruitt

    I hope she loves it here.
  3. SpookyAction


    I am underwhelmed by the nominees and winners.
  4. SpookyAction

    Predictions of Leach's failure at MSU for posterity...

    Leach should win some against the 2nd tier SEC teams. I predict moderate success, which is good at state.
  5. SpookyAction

    Joe Osovet named Vols’ tight ends coach

    Osovet paid his dues and we have been very fortunate he stuck around this long for his opportunity.
  6. SpookyAction

    Predictions of Leach's failure at MSU for posterity...

    8 or 9 wins is definitely doable down there, if he can play a little defense. I keep checking, but have read no stories about staff. I think it would be smart to retain the defensive staff down there.
  7. SpookyAction

    Per ESPN recruiting rankings...

    They exceeded that threshold early.
  8. SpookyAction

    Florida just absolutely eviscerated

    The link points to economic reasons for students to not attend games. No surprise. You cast stones at UF on this issue, but UT has a bigger attendance gap to my eyes. So glass house, and all that.
  9. SpookyAction

    Your thoughts on A&M

    I never think about A&M except once every 4 or 5 years. They cannot even look at another coach until this contract is done. If Jimbo doesn't win something, they might not have cash for the next coach then, either.
  10. SpookyAction

    Mike Leach to Miss. St.

    Definitely the truth.
  11. SpookyAction

    The Mississippi schools

    It is the truth.
  12. SpookyAction

    Candidates to replace David Johnson?

    We should be ok with Osovet somewhere. He seems to be ahead of the curve on a lot of offensive coaching.
  13. SpookyAction

    Mike Leach to Miss. St.

    Leach's offensive truly requires less talent on the field to be successful. Kiffen will have to recruit very well to compete with the standard offense vs. SECW competition. Easy to gameplan for Kiffen compared to Leach. Leach's offense is similar to gameplanning against the option. Just the...
  14. SpookyAction


    I think it is the perfect place for him to be HC. He is already the best coach they have had in a generation.
  15. SpookyAction

    Miss St hires Mike Leach

    I love the hire. It'll be like watching Butterbean fight a real boxer every Saturday. Every punch a haymaker and some will land and knock people out.
  16. SpookyAction

    Matt Rhule to Carolina Panthers

    That money is stupid for Matt Rhule.
  17. SpookyAction

    Report: Joe Doyle in the transfer portal

    He does deserve a scholarship. If not here, it is best for him to help himself.
  18. SpookyAction

    Florida DC Grantham to Miss State ?

    It would be a hell of a hire if they can convince him to go.
  19. SpookyAction

    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    I think JG gets killed at Rutgers against Mich, MichSt, PennSt, and THE ohio st. He would also probably be their highest rated player by far.

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