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    Season isn’t over yet.

    This team needs a dominate inside big man 6'11" to be really good.
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    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. #13 Memphis Game Thread

    Both have been playing for four years now and have never developed any consistency. I hope the have good college majors because that is where they are headed. Just not enough talent to go any further.
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    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. #13 Memphis Game Thread

    Just want to say, when you have two senior guards who are such poor shooters and cannot perform better than Turner and Bowden your going to lose ball games while having to depend on them..They should be leaders. But very inconsistent and sad.
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    Game Thread: #17/19 LADY VOLS VS. TEXAS

    The big girls are slow, don't jump and rebound with two hands. The rest move like the have lead in their feet and play out of control. They will get better.
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    Pruitt grabs Shamburger's jersey - media snowflake loses it

    Then you haven't been paying attention. Coach needs to address the mistake immediately and get the players attention. Coach Pruitt did exactly what was necessary to get his attention and the player responded in a posaitive manner. Both understand each other. All successful coaches know their...
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    *****Tennessee vs #20 Washington full game video

    Team shows a lot of hustle! Thanks for the video
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    Toughest Game Left on the Home Stretch

    It's always next game up! All are highly winnable if the team stays focused!
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    "That's how you find ways to win football games." #PoweredByTheT

    That spinning ball show just how hard a fumble is to recover. Great job by Bituli!!
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    Your words of wisdom for JG

    Enthusiasm make the difference! Show some.
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    National media weighs in [face mask gate]

    If that was my son, I would go down and kick my son's ass and jerk his helmet off and send him to the bench. Make a man out of him. You safe space whiners are whats wrong today. We need to warriors not wimps!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    SEC referees have always sucked . Bama never gets called for obvious holding in in crucial situations. Close calls go to Bama favor goes to Bama.. Very Unfair to kids and very disgusting. I am not just talking about this game. it is difficult to watch any game they play because of the...
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    Father Of 2020 Commit Defends Pruitt In Open Letter

    This dad has got it right. Kids now days are to pampered, spoiled and need disciplined.
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Trey and the whole left side had bamma players on their asses. JG screwed it.
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Well screw you. He should have kicked his ass to the locker room
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    I want Mark Ivey hired at UT as soon as a spot opens up

    That being said, I think Coach Pruitt will get the job done given time.
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    I want Mark Ivey hired at UT as soon as a spot opens up

    I would like to see Will Muschamp with Tennessee resources! You may not like him but he is a good coach and would do great things here at Tennessee.
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    I thought end of half clock mismanagement was on Chaney.

    Personally never been a Chaney fan. Funny how play calling changed the 2nd half.
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    Liberty is 2-2 while Freeze was fighting a staph infection.. Just saying!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #9 Florida Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I don't think he is that stupid. It would be a two year process and then hate.

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