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    OU fan previews UT/OU

    For those selfish non-southern people that want the Vols to win and the other SEC teams to lose .... all you have to do is tune in regularly to him and see that outsiders want to take the SEC down. They want this kind of realignment to happen, these two conferences to merge (Big 12 and PAC) or...
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    OU fan previews UT/OU

    I watch RJ Young all the time on YouTube. He has finally admitted the SEC is top dog and it kills him to say so.
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    Climate Change Report

    Like one of my professors in college said,"The liberals don't want people to know that the earth not only rotates but it has a wobble as well that tilts in an angle closer to the sun and, over a period of time, tilts back from the sun. This process generates warmer temps for years and then...
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    Ncaa cancelled baseball too?

    The sky is falling!! Run hide under the bed.
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    I don't know what to do so i'm asking those with smarts what a person is to do. I pulled in to put gas in the car and it hit me....someone else has touched the gas nozzle. It struck me that i shouldn't get out of the car and i needed to go get some protective gloves. If i don't i might pick up a...
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    Football ticket prices not increasing for 2020

    Its no secret wby attendance is falling across the ciuntry. Folks want to go but shelling out $250 to $300 per game is too much. Tickets, parking, food, drinks, gasoline, etc really adds up. Stay home and watch it on tv. It used to be only one or two times a year your college team would be on...
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    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    ...and he had to try and overcome John Chavis trying to give the game away with his stupid prevent defenses.
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    YouTube: Peyton Manning -Tennessee Volunteers Documentary

    The double stripe rocks!! I hope so.
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    A Theory about JG

    My theory is that no one can come up with a theory to explain whats wrong with him.
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    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    I looked on a couple of Colorado's message boards and they said their D-line made big improvements under him. Gee, with all the previous coaching jobs he has had he is on the move more than a street walker.
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    YouTube: Peyton Manning -Tennessee Volunteers Documentary

    Don't know why you can't. I can see it on YouTube or touch the link in my post ac nd it plays there, too.
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    Wheels coming off at SC

    Ouch! I always want them to outdo Clemson for the SEC's sake. Going to be hard for them but then there's Georgia setting the standard for doing less with more. Translation: Richt 2.0
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    Crazy athletic catch by Malachi Wideman

    My God!!! I've watched videos on him but this takes the cake!!
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    YouTube: Peyton Manning -Tennessee Volunteers Documentary

    If you haven't seen this its a must view. Great piece of work putting this together. Every time i watch it i realize how blessed we were to have Peyton AND John Ward. Lots of voiceovers by John. There will never be another John Ward. What a legend he is and how we miss his comments that were so...
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    Regardless of where the star-gazers rank us.........

    Outstanding football players. Really optimistic with these fellows. Looking at film and comparing this class with the highly rated Butch Jones classes...these guys are far more talented and have better size with greater build. They just look like the players that Alabama has historically signed.
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    Niedermeyer twitter

    Poetry is the same with me. Can't figure out what a poet means because they won't come out and say what needs to be said. Can't intrepet beating around the bush sayings. Its all Greek.
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    1st off-season blemish/UT missed J. Hardy already signed?

    The whole point of the matter is that Hardy is a lier. If he wanted some kind of individual drama or, for some reason call attention to himself, he should have just said, "I've already signed with someone and I will announce it later". Instead, he just flat out lied and told our coaches he had...
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    Georgia fans have officially lost their minds

    They are frustrated because they bring in all that talent and still can't win ANYTHING of importance. Richt 2.0 again!
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    Coaching Staff Changes (David Johnson leaving for FSU)

    Wonder what our final salary offer was versus what FSU gave him?

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