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  1. VolzMan53

    Freak, a request......

    Good Lord, that IS a gold mine but I'm figuring months. Another good one I have enjoyed is "vol freak" on youbee tubee !
  2. VolzMan53

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Yep, we're still holding out hope and this place still smells like gator turds !
  3. VolzMan53

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Damn I hate it when it when that God awful gator trash shows up trying to rain on our parade :rolleyes:
  4. VolzMan53

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Most poli's can't do 2 things at once and those 2 need to worry about all the young kids being slaughtered in their city instead of whether Big Brother plays little brother.
  5. VolzMan53

    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    You may be right on day one but young minds can be changed and this staff strikes me as one that can make that young man change his ways.
  6. VolzMan53

    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe

    Indeed it is and traffic jams to us is 5 cars stuck behind a tractor. While it is definitely still early, OSU does not need to be overlooked due to some of his family members but many of the main fam have bama in em. We average possibly one small lear a week. The crowd showing up lately has...
  7. VolzMan53

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    UT in 2020, GOAT....drink the orange stuff, it's good for what ails ya !
  8. VolzMan53

    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    won’t hurt Cade to do the same, improvement needed on his part
  9. VolzMan53

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Laid :eek:
  10. VolzMan53

    UGA collapsing

    This is our Decade, screwem all especially them damn gators !
  11. VolzMan53

    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    sometimes do overs work out....
  12. VolzMan53

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Yeah and that goes for all the AV agnostic jelly brains out there !
  13. VolzMan53

    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    10 yrs is long enough for waiting....“This decade is going to be the decade of the Vols" starts now. Thanks for the memories JG but "we're movin on up" "Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today"
  14. VolzMan53

    Pruitt is becoming a Tennessee guy

    when you're finally sober, request a name change to Vol_n_Hog_Country so it will fit on one line....u can thank me later !
  15. VolzMan53

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    V has God given talent....the ball is part of him !
  16. VolzMan53

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    only a matter of time before another Jennings joins the Big Orange family !
  17. VolzMan53

    '20 Recruiting Forum: Official Gator Bowl Pre-game/Game Thread

    some don't give u enough credit for what you do see....u do u !
  18. VolzMan53

    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    Roll Call.... ALL VOL

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