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  1. CAVol

    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry

    crazy ending to that one
  2. CAVol

    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    They did just put AJ Brown and DK Metcalf into the pros and they were both big parts of playoff teams. Different coaching staff, but that doesn't always matter to kids.
  3. CAVol

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    thanks, sorry for double posting. Should have had another cup of coffee before reading back. Must have glazed right over it.
  4. CAVol

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    SIAP. Can anyone with a Rivals sub confirm?
  5. CAVol

    '21 MD QB Christian Veilleux

    With BV off the board, we need to land this guy. Hope we push for a commit.
  6. CAVol

    '21 GA QB Brock Vandagriff (uga commit)

    When he decommitted from Oklahoma and mentioned wanting to stay close to home I figured UGA was the inevitable destination.
  7. CAVol

    PFF grades Jennings as a 1st round draft pick

    JJ on the Titans please. Fits the mentality of the team so well.
  8. CAVol

    '21 NC DT Payton Page

    "But I also look at how each coaching staff treats the third-stringers compared to the first-stringers." Pruitt always preaches equal reps and develop everybody. Bodes well for us.
  9. CAVol

    '23 PA S Rahmir Stewart

  10. CAVol

    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    I don't expect learning the playbook to be an issue. My guess is he's had a copy of it for a long time.
  11. CAVol

    '20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron (UT SIGNEE)

    I laughed. Well played.
  12. CAVol

    Don’t freak out.

    Team is broken right now. Especially Turner. Lamonte was 42%/32%/78% triple slash last year. 29%/23%/74% this year. It's clear his shoulder is affecting him. Additionally, our half court offense is stagnated. There is less ball movement. Fulkerson is a serviceable post player but not someone...
  13. CAVol

    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (Maryland signee)

    Good luck to him!
  14. CAVol

    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    Also, it's not like having multiple good tight ends is a bad thing.
  15. CAVol

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    why is this on our message board? we give Memphis too much air time in here
  16. CAVol

    '21 TN ATH Javin Burke

    Good kid and is a hard worker. Happy for him.
  17. CAVol

    '20 GA S Doneiko Slaughter (UT SIGNEE)

    With a name like that you know he's gonna be a star
  18. CAVol

    Mullen ranks Vols at #22 in Coaches Poll?

    I bet most coaches have graduate assistants fill it out

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