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    How many wins would a healthy Lamonte have added this season?

    5 sounds right to me. More assists, points and less turnovers. Lamonte could take over 1-2 games with his shooting when healthy as well. This year was a stretch to get to NCAA with him healthy. Right now should look at getting experience for the freshmen and look to next year.
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    Taulia Tagovailoa possibly transferring? (RUMOR)

    No way. We Don’t have a need at QB right now.
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    Staff Turnover

    Due to how quickly replacement were announced, this had to be in the works for a while. It seems like Pruitt had some people in mind and wanted to upgrade recruiting. How they do on the field is a question mark to me, but it seems like Pruitt got the people he wanted and is comfortable with and...
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    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    I feel like these are upgrades on the recruiting trail for both hires. Hopefully as good on player development.
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    Question about coaches leaving opening up the 'portal'

    Both of these have been in the rumor mill for a while, not a surprise especially since the contracts were not renewed. Since it seems like the replacements were really ready as this happened, it seems like this has been in the works for a while.
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    Senator wants UT, "Tiger High" Memphis to compete annually

    I think they should play in football and basketball regularly. At least every other year in football as it is harder to align schedules, but would be good.
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    "the Vols are back!"

    Love his passion, but pumping the brakes a little here. With good QB play we can go 10-2. We can compete with any team on the schedule. If not, we are an 8-4 type season. I am very happy though with the roster now compared to 3 years ago.
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    Jeremy Pruitt Signing Day Press Conference

    Really good class. Depth on both OL and DL and turned out to be a great class for skill positions. No complaining here from me especially after the slow start.
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    *****2020 National Signing Day Thread

    I totally don’t know how this works anymore. UF has 6 transfers and 24 commits and still trying to add people.
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    A finish of Beckwith, Wideman, & Evans

    I did a more complicated formula for each... number of total pages for each in the recruiting forum - number of pages not relevant to them in their topic threads. Then took the number of pages of negative posts/number of pages of relevant posts. for Evans there is 215 total pages-212 pages of...
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    Year 5 expectations

    By year 5 and onwards, this should be true. 1) Competing for the East every year or at least in the discussion. 2) A loss to USCe, Vandy, Kentucky, Mizzou are considered upsets. 3) We should be able to play with and at times beat GA, UF or Bama. In others words, if we win it isn't a major...
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    It won’t last long but Vols looking good at #4

    Team is definitely looking better. We need 8 more wins to get in the tourney and back half of the schedule is loaded. Kansas, Kentucky, Florida, Arkansas. If we somehow win this weekend we are back on the bubble. Rick should be coach of the year again if he can make the tourney with this team.
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    NCAA Tournament team this season?

    It will be a minor miracle if this team can make the tourney. not saying impossible, but they will need to go on a really big run. A win at Kansas this weekend is an example of what we would need to get in the discussion. Right now no bad losses. EDIT---Sorry, was thnking men's team....
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    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    Not the most important. A 10-2 would be huge for the program. Win 2 of 4 with OK, UF, UGA, and Bama is more important. A 9-3 and 10-3 season after bowl would be a huge step and bigger than an OK win. We finally have the depth to compete in those games. I am not going to bash JG right now, but...
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    Weekend Visitors

    Would prefer Hardy and Beckwith or a grad transfer pass rusher. Basically grad transfer OLB type. Also an OT would be a luxury as they would have time to redshirt. Hardy would be nice, but that is really to help us in 2021 and the year after....same with Beckwith. Pretty happy right now though...
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    CFN 2020 College Football Rankings: Early Top 25

    Right now we can compete with anyone on our schedule. All those teams are breaking in new QBs next year as well. It all depends on our QB play where we can finish between 8-4 and 10-2.
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    JG 2020

    I wish that was it. Not sure, but the he is late on throws instead of trusting the route and throwing before the WR is open. Not sure if that is fixable. mat times he played great, but I have no idea why at times at the end of the year he just was playing so bad. The Indiana game is really JG...
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    QB Jamie Newman Transfers to Georgia

    We actually don’t know how this will turn out, but he is an experienced QB that can run the ball and they didn’t have that on their roster. All of our rivals will be breaking in new QBs this year. That alone gives us a shot. We could finish number 3 in the East again or the Georgia game could be...
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    UGA collapsing

    They still are recruiting at a top 5 year a lot of new faces on offense though even with all their wins in recruiting. Helps us though as our OL now is top 3 in SEC with this and the people coming back. We are literally good QB play away from winning the SECe.
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    Are we just a QB away from being good?

    Yes, we are a QB away from being a 10-11 win team. A good QB next year and we are a 9-11 win team.

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