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  1. Iam4utalways

    Vols fans everywhere

    On a business trip to Portland Maine, every evening out on the town I was wearing a Vol hat, one particular night out the band recognized and played Rocky Top.
  2. Iam4utalways

    Steve Caldwell back at UT

    Nah. Some are bitter over Orange pants because of Dooley. Call the position what they want, we all want every VFL to have success before, during and after their time on The Hiill.
  3. Iam4utalways

    Steve Caldwell back at UT

    Champions of Life Coordinator. Just another tainted expression for a well known reason.
  4. Iam4utalways

    Fulmer “could have coach Vols again”

    A few seen to forget how QB driven football is. Boyd was lined up to come to Tn, after PF was fired and Kiffin was hired, Kiffin told Boyd he was not a good fit at UT and Boyd went to Clemson. We all know what happened next at both UT and Clemson. When top rated QBs don’t produce as expected...
  5. Iam4utalways

    Restructured Tennessee football staff comes at a discount, contracts show

    Let’s hope so. Now is the time to put on more steam. Lower the price of 75% of the tickets, raise it on the other 25% enough to break even. Make the cheap seats cheaper....
  6. Iam4utalways

    Fulmer “could have coach Vols again”

    Who has rated him what?
  7. Iam4utalways

    Fulmer “could have coach Vols again”

    Hire that man! When can he start? I have always liked PF. I’m glad he is part of the program. It looks like hiring JP will prove to be a solid move by PF. I’m rooting for him to do great things. Full time AD. Part time coach. Give him an “inter” to run the daily duties of O-line Coach. This...
  8. Iam4utalways

    Random, but wondering if Pruitts have had their new baby?

    That a good looking crew he’s got there.
  9. Iam4utalways

    Butch Jones got a promotion

    It’s worth the money since he is no longer our HC. We should have paid him more sooner to not be our HC. There seems to have been a lot going on while he was our HC that wasn’t right.
  10. Iam4utalways

    GameBreaker: Brandon Sheppard's player safety role for Tennessee

    Interesting. I wonder how long before the helmets are used in games. Where’s the picture with the Power T?
  11. Iam4utalways

    Offseason fun thread: What’s the difference between a great Head Coach and a decent/bad one

    I great coach does it right and gets lucky. Football is a game of inches dripping in luck.
  12. Iam4utalways

    Kevin Simon

    Earnest Fields and Tyrone Hines knew what they were doing.
  13. Iam4utalways

    A Theory about JG

    It’s a trust issue. He has to trust himself to make the throw, the receivers to run the correct route and the line to protect him. I wonder how many times he threw to JJ or MC even when they were covered because he trusted them?
  14. Iam4utalways

    Senator wants UT, "Tiger High" Memphis to compete annually

    They even hate the natural color of their mascot because of us. Often times they change the color of their tiger from Orange and black to gray and blue due to how much they hate the color Orange because of how they lose so many sporting events to the Vols.
  15. Iam4utalways

    Senator wants UT, "Tiger High" Memphis to compete annually

    We only have 12 games on the schedule. Playing Memphis every year would be a waste of a whole game every year. The only good that could come from this would be another home game when we played in Memphis. We should make them play us at neutral site because their stadium is out of date. Maybe...
  16. Iam4utalways

    David Johnson comments

    Interesting. I would like to hear more on why and what he didn’t trust. I wonder if it has anything to do with us bringing in more VFLs to handle our business.
  17. Iam4utalways

    Random, but wondering if Pruitts have had their new baby?

    I’m not sure what’s worse, my idea to name our child so that the initials are VOL, or that my wife came up with the name that made it happen.
  18. Iam4utalways

    Jauan Jennings Clutch-o-meter (Stat Analysis)

    Nice job port. We all knew he was a great contributor on and off the field, but your work really highlights what he did on the field. I expect his leadership has rubbed off on some guys that will help the Vols for the years to come. Some NFL team will be glad to get him.
  19. Iam4utalways

    Greg Sankey announces the total revenue for the 2018-2019 fiscal year for the SEC . $44.6 Million per school

    I’ve heard it will add another $200,000,000+ each year. Divided 15 ways is a big chunk.

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