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    '20 SC WR Jalin Hyatt (UT SIGNEE)

    Ubben didn’t mention Gibbs?
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    '21 VA DT Tyleik Williams

    Ok thanks that helps 🥴
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    '21 VA DT Tyleik Williams

    Is he md or va
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    '21 TN SDE CJ Hardy

    Anybody with last name Hardy dont want Too much drama with the name alone
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    '18 GA S Otis Reese

    That’s not good No thanks
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    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    He had his chance
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    Candidates to replace David Johnson?

    A good recruiter
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    Tennessee wins: College Football is on notice

    Correct please let HB be the starter as soon as he steps on campus He should get all first team reps
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Then let’s get wanyna and warrior to educate him on the BS auburn tries to throw at him
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    How could anyone visit a school 6 times and not have that team as his favorite school?
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    Who's Left?

    St. John from Missouri
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    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (Maryland signee)

    They didn’t get played they didn’t have room for him
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    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (Maryland signee)

    Really he’s full of caca LSU doesn’t have room
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    Indiana Board Post on Jennings

    There’s no way Shockley came up with that segment Either ESPN or SEC network wrote that story for him He’s just an errand boy for the network
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    '20 TN ILB Martavius French (UT SIGNEE)

    Does that include Chris morris
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    National Media Loves Us?

    I know because of holidays students will be home but i would love to see stadium sold out on Saturday Just be rocking
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    '20 GA ILB Desmond Tisdol (Auburn commit)

    Wow That ref should be fired how blatant
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    Tennessee Football 2010s All-Decade Team

    Not impressed at all. No all Americans That’s why were bad this decade

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