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  1. PulaskiVolFan

    The Official Tennessee @ #13 Auburn Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, CBS

    They'll all be hungover, tired and hungry that early in the morning, I hope so anyway.
  2. PulaskiVolFan

    A Theory about JG

    How do you or anybody for that matter know that JGs ceiling is 7-5? And then you say we can win 9 with either a True Fr or BM, how do you know that? Whose to say that our defense improves to top 10, our running game gets up to 180/game and JG improves on his deficiencies, I'd think that would...
  3. PulaskiVolFan

    Taulia Tagovailoa possibly transferring? (RUMOR)

    He was never NOT going to get recruited over. He was overrated out of HS and will likely never play as a starting QB at the power5 level.
  4. PulaskiVolFan

    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    I don't think he'll be a game changer for Ky, 7 to 8 wins and he's probably not going to be eligible this year.
  5. PulaskiVolFan

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    If we win 3 of our last 5 I think we're in and we'd be a lock if we were to also win 1 in SEC tournament. It's a longshot but if they pull it off they will have earned the bid. I'm usually positive as well so I'm not going to give up just yet, but I agree, terribly inconsistent which I think is...
  6. PulaskiVolFan

    Chris Weinke still on Staff?

    What more could Pruitt had done with the QBs? There is not a coach in the country that would have started Maurer or JT over JG to start out last season as he had earned the position thru experience and a better spring. After struggling to a 1-3 start Pruitt switched to BM, rightly so I thought...
  7. PulaskiVolFan

    2020 Football 5 Bold Predictions

    He did say All-Purpose yards so it would be less carries if he had the same exact ypc and even less carries if 500 of those yards came from receptions and special teams. It's unlikely but certainly not out of the question.
  8. PulaskiVolFan

    No passing offense was more aggressive than Tennessee

    That stat is out there, JG was ranked in the SEC either 2nd or 4th in accuracy % on those type throws and top 5 in completion pct on the long throws. It's actually one of his more impressive stats as compared to where all else he struggles.
  9. PulaskiVolFan

    I’d rather lose by 15

    It's easy to explain really, 3 point shooting across the nation has dropped because of the line being moved back. Bowden struggled early but he's been pretty good the last 10 games. If he gets hot these next 5 all will be forgiven.
  10. PulaskiVolFan

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    If we win 3 of our next 5 I think we'll be a lock. That's a big if though.
  11. PulaskiVolFan

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    I'm a fan of ugly basketball, but it is an ugly style when compared to others.
  12. PulaskiVolFan

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    We have to turn the games into ugly games in order to win. It's been that way all year, it's our identity and if we are going to win any of the next five it's how it will have to play out.
  13. PulaskiVolFan

    No passing offense was more aggressive than Tennessee

    It's pretty simple math, really not that difficult to figure out how or why the numbers are what they are.
  14. PulaskiVolFan

    A Theory about JG

    It's you spreading lies as what you are implying is false. All my information about me is pretty much public knowledge, I don't have anything to hide or run from, certainly not from someone as slimy as you. Only an idiot or weirdo would post here with more than 1 moniker is how I feel about...
  15. PulaskiVolFan

    A Theory about JG

    Another lie put out by you. You're good at those.
  16. PulaskiVolFan

    The Official Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    If we make our free throws we'll win this game.

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