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    Lady Vols - Turnovers and Free Throws Cost Game

    I'm pulling for this team. I like them and our coach.
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    Game Thread: #24/25 TENNESSEE VS. ALABAMA

    I'm very proud of this team. I like the coaching. Just glad to see some spirit returning to our program.
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    Yikes. 224.

    I'm proud of them this season. I'm no statistician or whiz-kid, but the girls look motivated and "together" as a team. I say Go Lady Vols!!!
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    Nice Article from ESPN on Coach Harper

    Looking great so far.
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    *****2019 Lady Vol Game Replay Videos

    Great work! Thanks Freak.
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    Last Goodbye

    Somewhere...Ding Dong, the
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    Commentators on Holly

    Not trying to be mean, but after CW being gifted millions of dollars, it's possible that she is Learning Disabled/not very bright.
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    Commentators on Holly

    The check is in the mail, blah,blah,blah...
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    We In!

    Just imagine the wonder if CPS could come back just to coach now, for the tourney.
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    So who do you hire?

    Listen folks Fulmer, is paid the big bucks to RUN the Athletics. If he can't or won't he needs to be out like Warlick.
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    Holly has been licking the cream from UT coffers waaaay too long!
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    Holly Seat Is On Fire Needs A Miracle And Fast !

    She won't willingly relinquish that GOLDEN teat. That much is clear. She will have to be cut away from it.
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    Lady Vols vs. Arkansas Razorbacks Game Thread

    I just found out that the dork, with a Van Dyke beard, is the "Director of Basketball operations" He looks like he's trying to appear "mature".
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    Which Women's Coaches Would Jump

    How about Pokey Chatman?
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    link to post game interview please

    "They" won't let it play on my PC. They claim I'm using an adblocker, but is disabled for that video.
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    Lady Vols vs. Alabama Game Thread

    Will the Lady Vols become successful again? Holly unlikely.
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    Is It Really Holly's Fault

    "There are none so blind as those who WILL not see."
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    Lady Vols vs. Georgia Game Thread

    Holly would be a fool to give up a high-paying "job" that requires no standards be met. She's some dumb, but not plumb dumb.
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    Lady Vols vs. Georgia Game Thread

    Brick by brick...Summit Arena is being destroyed by the current coach. Have you no shame?
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    Lady Vols vs. Kentucky Game Thread

    CHW is the game's highest-paid spectator.

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