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  1. BigOrangeTrain

    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    Lol. And you think any of our other QBs can?
  2. BigOrangeTrain

    '21 AL DE Dylan Brooks

    This guys JR season highlight HUDL is freaking sick. We really, really, really need this dude.
  3. BigOrangeTrain

    Right Wing Hate

    So where in that article does it state anything g about left or right wing?
  4. BigOrangeTrain

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    True. But some people freak out way too easily.
  5. BigOrangeTrain

    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington

    Hindsight is always 20/20
  6. BigOrangeTrain

    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington

    Its the most rational way to deal with it.
  7. BigOrangeTrain

    '21 NC DE Isaac Washington

    Geez Newt havent you heard? ITS February a guy decomitted. That obviously means our staff sucks as re recruiters and the class wil, be complete crap.
  8. BigOrangeTrain

    Can someone explain how recruits drop or rise in the offseason?

    This has baffled me for awhile. We see recruits rankings rise or fall in the offseason when these kids aren't playing. How and why is that? I can understand during the preseason or season. If they struggle or play great then the jumps or drops are warranted. But when no football is being...
  9. BigOrangeTrain

    '21 MD QB Christian Veilleux

    And this happened when absolutely no football is being played. SMDH.
  10. BigOrangeTrain

    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe

    Vol lock then
  11. BigOrangeTrain

    Rich? Convicted of Pesky Felonies? No Problem! Trump Will Pardon You.

    Lol. Not really. What the rest of the world thinks about who the US president is is completely irrelevant. You really think other countries care about who the US president is? They are much more concerned about their own citizens and problems. You want to believe that the president of a...
  12. BigOrangeTrain

    Rich? Convicted of Pesky Felonies? No Problem! Trump Will Pardon You.

    Oh it’s all Bush’s fault right?
  13. BigOrangeTrain

    Way too early preseason USA top 25

    Monken will have more talent than he ever has. They have elite skill players. Not just good ones. They will have a great running game. I don’t expect any drop off in offensive production. I think they will be much better offensively.
  14. BigOrangeTrain

    Way too early preseason USA top 25

    Highly doubt it. They have great skill players on offense and an actual good OC now. UGA will steam roll the East.
  15. BigOrangeTrain combine grades

    Are they elite route runners? No. But they are solid. JJ is way too small for aTE.
  16. BigOrangeTrain

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Maybe you and Jaws can go hang out together on a UF board. Because what you just said is utter BS.
  17. BigOrangeTrain

    Top 10 projected defenses in 2020 according to SP+

    And good QB play can definitely be linked to a strong running game. It works both ways.

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