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  1. IPleadInsanity

    Not Calling a Timeout

    The idea is to call a timeout early when a run starts because after it gets going there is no stopping it.
  2. IPleadInsanity

    The Official Tennessee @ #13 Auburn Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, CBS

    He took a rag tag bunch of misfits and competed on the road with one of the top teams in the SEC, is another way to look at it.
  3. IPleadInsanity

    The Official Tennessee @ #13 Auburn Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, CBS

    I love Barnes system but I have to say those 1st 4 years of Pearl-ball are still my favorite teams. The run and gun, deny inbound pass, non-stop full court press style of play, as underdog, was a lot of fun. After that he tried to create a half court defensive type team, requiring 5 star players...
  4. IPleadInsanity

    Handgun Owners

    First you need to decide what type of self defense you are capable of. For example, are you sure you could encounter a problem, evaluate it and kill the offender in a matter of seconds? This would have some bearing on the weapon and holster for concealed carry and would require some practiced...
  5. IPleadInsanity

    Excited about the win

    I have been waiting for these guys to start hitting wide open 3's all season but I am now convinced its not going to happen. I think they would actually be better off trying to drive and get fouled than even attempting a 3 point shot. Even if it happened in 1 game and they upset a top team it...
  6. IPleadInsanity

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    Exciting until you look at the murders row end of season schedule where we are underdogs in 4 of outlast 5 games. Looks like 16-15 (8-10) with 1 possible win in the SECT.
  7. IPleadInsanity

    glad we fired Holly for this

    Save it for a while. Every coach gets a free pass year one, with the transfer and injuries this season was not going to be a final 4 year. This was never going to be an immediate program flip hire, no experience. We went for the coach with deep roots in the program so sit back and hopefully...
  8. IPleadInsanity

    I’d rather lose by 15

    Up against a hot team on the road. Tough loss but still I think they are playing as well as they can. This team does not have anyone who can consistently carry them. They went to Fulky, I thought he made a good move to win the game. Had a good shot at the end to tie. Can't ask more than that...
  9. IPleadInsanity

    Trump Is an Ideological Authoritarian

    Trying to stop drug use is an impossible task. It would be the same in China if they had the time to use drugs and the money to pay for them. Legalize them all and have the government manufacture and distribute them at low low prices to reduce taxes. Give the users all they want and let...
  10. IPleadInsanity

    2019 AD Surplus

    I hope I am reading this wrong.....Not surprisingly, men’s basketball's ticket revenue surged to $5.2 million to reflect Tennessee’s 2018-19 season that saw the Vols reach the No. 1 ranking in the country. That marked an increase of about $800,000 in ticket revenue compared to the previous...
  11. IPleadInsanity


    I may have spoken too soon. Strictly a rumor on the streets of Wuhan (per relatives), China in the past created a similar virus to this one to study coronaviruses and test their defense against them after SARS. That means it may have been a lab created virus for use in the lab that accidentally...
  12. IPleadInsanity

    2019 AD Surplus

    I don't understand the math I guess, seems when you are gifted 44 million in TV revenues with no expense associated with it you would be able to show a surplus? I guess it actually shows they failed to spend all the money! Someone will get canned! Auburn had a 13 million surplus I think? Bama 3...
  13. IPleadInsanity

    Breaking down Vescovi's 'phenomenal' adjustments to life in SEC

    Looks to slash the defense 1st, been missing at UT for a while. When nothing opens up "drive and get fouled". I am curious to see what Barnes can do with the 7footer and the point guard. Gave up calling them by their names. RAW talent.
  14. IPleadInsanity


    Maybe I am reading it wrong but it seems that 10,000 people have died from the flu currently being passed around in the USA and its receding. The death rate has increased from previous years but no indication of how much, which is concerning? If those same people (roughly 20 million) had...
  15. IPleadInsanity

    Tracy Rocker Leaving for South Carolina

    Yes 60% of our recruiting efforts should be on defensive linemen. Historically, stopping the run is key to winning the SEC championship. Like big men in basketball the top programs are lined up to get these guys. We need to get our share every year, can't take a year off.
  16. IPleadInsanity

    A Theory about JG

    I think he started being groomed for QB at an early age and has had a ton of training leading up to his role as QB for UT. He is a highly trained athlete who has overcome his lack of physical and mental quickness with a massive number of repetitions (hard work). He will never be that guy who...
  17. IPleadInsanity

    2020 Football 5 Bold Predictions

    Both lines will be stronger and deeper. That means all the speed players will have better seasons. QB is still a question mark, curious to see how well JG does without #1 and #15. IMO he will falter against the top 10 ranked teams and be replaced by the next in line. Hopefully the team maintains...
  18. IPleadInsanity

    Quarterbacks Orange

    I think he has run on many occasions, he just gets tackled quickly when he does. Not very quick, no first step and can't make defenders miss, so he just seems like he is not running much. Coach is correct, he is a pocket passer.
  19. IPleadInsanity

    Celtics Grant Williams makes the Cut..

    I only watch the Celtics play when possible. Saw Grant make the winning driving layup starting from the 3 point line. Just too quick for a big man.
  20. IPleadInsanity

    Senator wants UT, "Tiger High" Memphis to compete annually

    A state senator wants......thats as far as I read.

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